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I will always be behind him and he's my best friend. The retired lab researcher has been a tireless supporter of Avery following his murder conviction. Sandy said: 'I went [to visit him] in all kinds of weather, in fog and on slippery roads. I know he prays but it's just not the same.

I know that he would feel better if he had something to believe in and something to hold him tight. She added: 'He's building up resentment towards all these people who did this to him. Avery is allowed to have up to 12 visitors in prison, according to Sandy, but there are far fewer on his list — usually just herself, and his parents, Dolores and Allan Avery.

He also manages to make a couple of phone calls each week — usually to Sandy and his mother, Estranged: Steve Avery's brother Charles left and Earl have not been to see him in nine years, since his conviction for the murder of Teresa Halbach. Distance: Earl Avery has also not seen his brother since his conviction. In legal papers in Steven Avery suggested that Charles and Earl could have been the real killers, although their mother has dismissed the theory. Two years ago, Avery was transferred from a maximum-security prison in Boscobel, four hours' drive from his family in Manitowoc County, to Waupun Correctional Institute, which is only 90 miles away.

Sandy said: 'His cousin Kim [Ducat, who appeared in Making a Murder] has gone once to see him and they get along very well. They don't know him, they didn't grow up with him. His brothers have never visited. As far as I know, there isn't anyone else. In court papers, Avery, who had just been sentenced to life without parole, claimed that his two brothers, Charles and Earl Avery may have murdered Miss Halbach.

The legal documents were originally obtained by TMZ. However when their mother, Dolores Avery, was asked about Steven's filing and the potential involvement of her other sons by Daily Mail Online, she sprang to the defense of all three. She said that Steven may have been extremely desperate about being sent back to die in prison after he was freed in Dolores said: 'He wrote that [legal document] when he was prison, maybe he felt he had to do something.

But it wasn't anything to do with them [Earl and Charles Avery]. Sandy believes that Avery's arrest for murder and the subsequent confession of his year-old nephew Brendan, his sister Barbara Tadych's son, divided the family. There was a lot of bad blood there for a long time. However Sandy said that most of the family appeared to have slowly healed the rifts. They realized that it wasn't Brendan talking and he was just trying to say something to satisfy the interrogators.

Sandy first contacted Steven Avery with a letter of support after watching his murder trial. She told Daily Mail Online that she would rush home from her job as a phlebotomist testing blood at a local hospital to watch the six-week televised trial with her husband, Wallace. Real culprit: Gregory Allen committed the crime for which Steven Avery was wrongfully convicted and spent 18 years in prison: The sexual assault of Penny Beernsten. Eligible for parole: Gregory Allen could be allowed out as early as this year for the offense he is jailed for, the sexual assault of a woman in Green Bay.

Overlap: Allen and Avery almost met in prison. Sandy said: 'Allen's in New Lisbon [prison]. He had been in Waupan and I knew he couldn't be there anymore because they wouldn't put Steve in the same place. Sandy, who had never met Avery or any of his family, believed he was innocent from the beginning.

She said: 'My husband Wally also [believed he was innocent]. I can't tell you why, we did not know the man, had never met him. It was just a feeling. I couldn't wait to get home to watch it. He just did not do this. He lost his family because of that - he had five kids including a stepson. Why would he do something like that [Teresa Halbach murder]? Sandy first went to meet Avery at her husband's suggestion.

Wallace Greenman was suffering from Parkinson's disease and dementia and his health was too poor to make the mile round trip from their home in Neenah to the Wisconsin Secure program facility in Boscobel. Sandy said: 'It was my husband who urged me to go see him [Avery]. Wally was ill with Parkinson's. He went down there once but it was a major mistake. It's a three-and-a-half hour drive and he wasn't able to do that. Sandy recalled feeling jittery on the long drive to meet the convicted murderer for the first time. I was thinking, what do I say to this man? I don't know him. So not a problem.

It was like I had known him for years. We found that we liked a lot of the same things and the time went really fast, so I went back. Despite being convinced of Avery's innocence while watching the trial, not long after meeting him in person, Sandy asked him directly if he had committed the heinous murder. She said: 'I looked right at him and I said, 'Steven, I don't think you're guilty or had anything to do with this but it's perfectly alright for you to tell me if you did. I told him, 'I'll still come to see you, it won't stop that.

I just want to know if you had anything to do with the murder or if you were involved in any way. Maybe all kinds of things. I promise you I didn't. Sandy continued: 'From that moment on, I knew that he didn't [have anything to do with the murder]. Hope for the future: Sandy Greenman says she believes in Steven Avery's innocence and hopes that she will see him achieve his freedom. She's never been in my trailer, she came to the door to get money and left. I didn't do it. Because I knew that he did not kill her. Sandy later discovered during her visits that Avery cannot stand the sight of blood.

She said: 'And he was accused of doing all that stuff? I don't think so. In fact, it was the evidence of Avery's blood found in Miss Halbach's car which Sandy has questioned the most. The DNA evidence was integral to the prosecution's case to prove Avery's guilt. Defense lawyers, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, claimed at trial that Avery's blood had been planted in the car. In December , weeks before the trial was due to begin, Buting had unearthed a decade-old vial of Avery's blood at the Manitowoc County Clerk of Court's office.

The vial was found inside a Styrofoam box with a broken seal in an area easily accessed by a number of people. The rubber stopper on the vial also appeared to have been injected with a needle. The prosecution's response was to test the blood for EDTA — a chemical used to preserve blood. Simpson's murder trial in — and was considered by many experts to be unreliable. Testing on Avery's blood from Miss Halbach's car found no EDTA was present— which the prosecution claimed was conclusive evidence that it had not come from the vial and therefore was not planted.

Sandy told Daily Mail Online: 'The thing that bothers me the most is that tube of blood. It was discovered in an evidence room and had definitely been tampered with. And no one came forward to say, "Oh, I did that. I know from my work in the lab, you can take a large amount of blood in which you know that EDTA is present and you won't find it.

And you can take a smaller amount and you might find it. It's there sometimes and sometimes it's not. I wrote to Judge [Patrick] Willis that the test was extremely unreliable and they should not do it but they did. Also convicted: Brendan Dasse. Steven Avery's nephew Brendan Dassey left, when he was convicted, and right, receiving his high-school diploma in prison.

Another key piece of evidence against Steven Avery was Teresa Halbach's car key which was found on his bedroom floor. The key was discovered on the seventh search of Avery's trailer by Lieutenant James Lenk, of Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department, without another officer present. Three weeks earlier, Lt. Lenk had been deposed in Avery's civil lawsuit over alleged wrongdoing in his rape trial.

Manitowoc County Sheriff Jerry Pagel had also stated that the investigation of Avery's property in the search for Teresa Halbach would be handed over to neighboring Calumet County to quash any suggestion of misconduct. Despite Manitowoc deputies supposedly taking a supporting role in the investigation, most of the physical evidence was found by them. It is unclear how the key, found in plain sight next to a pair of slippers, was missed on six prior searches of the small room. According to the court testimony of Manitowoc Sheriff's deputy Andrew Colborn, he had shaken a bookcase and the key fell out.

Colborn was also previously deposed during Avery's civil lawsuit over alleged misconduct. The key had Avery's DNA but not his fingerprints. Miss Halbach's DNA was not found on the key. Sandy said: 'It was the seventh search - and keys which drop out of from behind a cabinet would have dropped straight down.

It wasn't which means it was wiped clean. Sandy added: 'That's another thing we noticed during the trial that just didn't make any sense. She and her husband were aghast when the jury returned a guilty verdict to Avery after deliberating for three days. Steve just shook his head. It was a mess from the start. Sandy said some of her close friends struggle to understand her resolute belief in Avery's innocence. There's been other people who have been falsely accused of things. Wallace Greenman passed away seven years ago after suffering a heart attack at the age of A year later, Steven Avery asked Sandy to marry him after they realized their feelings had developed beyond a friendship.

Previously held: Avery spent time at the Wisconsin's maximum-security facility in Boscobel, four hours' drive from his family in Manitowoc County. I told him everything and you would not believe the encouraging things he said. He got me through my husband's sudden death. However Sandy had concerns about becoming the wife of a man who had been sentenced to die in prison.

There have been people Steven knows [who have had a prison marriage] — but it has ended in divorce every time, mainly because it's very hard to maintain a prison relationship. Although Sandy believes that Avery has been wrongly convicted, the year-old grandmother says she is heartbroken for Teresa Halbach's family. I knew I couldn't but I wanted to say to her so badly, "I feel so bad for you because I don't know how horrible it would be to lose a child, especially that awful way, but are you sure you got the right man?

Sandy believes that Avery would bear no ill will to the Halbach family just as he did not place any blame on Penny Beerntsen, the rape victim whose testimony helped wrongly convict him in However she said second time around, Avery might find it harder to forgive. He held no animosity towards this woman who had put him away. All his anger just melted away. She added: 'He's getting bitter, that's the word I'd use. I told him outright, 'I think you're becoming bitter - you don't trust lawyers and you don't trust other people. Avery spends all his time in prison trying to prove his innocence and works each day on his case.

Sandy told Daily Mail Online: 'He spends all of his time on the case and it has been that way for years. One job was outside, supervising the rec. He loved that job but you are only allowed to keep a position for two years before it's changed over. They tried to get him to take a class called something like "How to react to your life when you're released". Avery, who has an IQ of 70, scours for legal loopholes in his case using the prison's law library after the failure of his Supreme Court appeal meant he was left without a lawyer.

Last year, Avery petitioned the circuit court without an attorney but the motions were denied in November. Sandy said: 'When Steve realized he was without a lawyer, he tried to do this on his own but was getting denied left and right. He's worked it all out from the law library and studied books which show how to file legal documents. Steven used to keep some boxes of his case's transcripts in his cell but they were returned to the basement at his parents' home. Sandy said: 'He would go through the boxes again and when he was done, he would send them home.

Although if something's not done, I'm afraid he will. Avery's last few court-appointed attorneys have been little help, Sandy said. She was encouraged by the last lawyer who took on Avery's case, saying he had a 'gung-ho attitude' of getting to the bottom of it. Then he suddenly withdrew.

Another attorney bluntly told them that taking on Avery's case would be bad for his practice. Visitor: Jenny Avery is one of the only one of Steven's children to have visited him behind bars. Sandy told Daily Mail Online: 'It was all handled so badly, it's just so sad. What he needs is another look at this trial to give him a second chance. After a decade fighting for Avery's cause, Sandy is under no illusions. She told Daily Mail Online: 'What happens if he gets another trial and he's found guilty again? Well, I guess we have to give up then. But give him a chance at another trial with a better lawyer.

Thomas Rutherford Hospital, which has a coffee shop there as well, has a possible reason for this dramatic expansion. What was happening in the clouds over Murfreesboro Friday afternoon? Possibly a slow-motion galactic battle as two airships floated over the Heart of Tennessee.

The Wiz, a soul-filled version of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, is a joyous retelling of Frank Baum's classic children's story grounded in contemporary African-American culture. Murfreesboro Police are investigating the death of a year old male found in a bathroom stall in a Rutherford Boulevard gas station. The Volunteer State continues to have low unemployment in most counties. In fact Rutherford County continues to be in a 3-way tie for third place, topped only by Williamson County on top, and then Davidson. Are you ready to travel during this coming 4th of July holiday?

You're not the only one, AAA report that nearly 49 million persons are making plans to honor the red, white and blue with an Independence Day getaway this year. The Colonel Hardy Murfree chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution is sponsoring a reading of the Declaration of Independence at o'clock this coming Independance Day morning in front of the historic Rutherford County Courthouse on the Murfreesboro square.

More counterfeit hundred-dollar bills are being circulated in Murfreesboro. The mix of storms did not slow down crime calls to the Murfreesboro Police Department. This is the third year the local school has participated and is again using the Pontiac Chieftain. Thomas Rutherford Hospital has helpful information regarding exposure to the sunshine. Murfreesboro Police Chief Michael Bowen continues to encourage his staff to expand their education on a regular basis. Murfreesboro Electric's Katie McKee encourages customers to phone if you see tree limbs near power lines.

The Middle Tennessee auto industry received another shot in the arm on Wednesday with the announcement that Mitsubishi will be moving its North American headquarters to neighboring Franklin. NO ONE, not even the police, will know your identity. Chestnut Street and W. Oak Street to make repairs to a hole in the roadway where the pavement collapsed.

Rover, the City's public transportation service, is implementing a new electronic fare system to improve customer service payment options. The new system began is now operating on all Rover routes. The global demand for professional pilots helped propel a partnership approved Monday between Middle Tennessee State University and Moi University of Kenya.

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Uncle Dave Macon Days as well an important historical event will make for an exciting day in Murfreesboro on Saturday, July 13, Murfreesboro Police have identified the Eagle Street fatal shooting victim as year old Daicori Saunders of Murfreesboro. Middle Tennessee State University is exploring ways to add a Kenyan institution to its roster of international partners for academic collaboration and as a source for new international students. Summer is officially here, but June is wrapping-up "wet". Murfreesboro Traffic Director Ram Balachandran predicts where motorists challenges will occur today through June 29, Detectives with the Murfreesboro Police Department are asking the public's help in identifying a vehicle burglary suspect at Carriage Park Townehouses on E.

Northfield Boulevard. The three suspects pled guilty to a 2-year old drug overdose case that killed a Smyrna teen. Once complete, the extension adds almost five miles to the concrete walkway between the Cason Lane trail head and Barfield Park. Sarah Callender has been hired by the Main Street Board of Directors as the organization's new executive director. She takes on her new role in a week, on Wednesday, June 26, The fight on opioid abuse continues and that fight has led the Murfreesboro Police Department to take a more extensive approach in fighting overdoses with a drug called NARCAN.

Three syringes were found by officers who were able to confirm through conversation that the female purchased heroin in nearby Antioch. A 7-year old Coffee County youth died tragically at his home Saturday while riding a dirt bike with his father. Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease strike fear in families, and that is why Greenhouse Ministries encourages everyone to attend two free workshops that are scheduled from to PM Thursday evenings, June 27 and July 11, at their S.

Spring Street location. Hot time, summer in the city brings challenges for motorists. Since summer officially arrives this week, here are Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran's suggested areas of concern for today through June 22, Dads deserve more than a pair of dress socks this Father's Day. And while they might be perfectly satisfied with breakfast tacos in bed, Murfreesboro's St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital notes that the men in your life would benefit longer-term from a frank conversation about health.

Now he wants to race them. For those interested in learning about ham radio, this event is open to the public and all are encouraged to attend. A year old man passed away for what were believed to have been previous medical issues. Ten students from the introduction camp will be joined by four alumni from the intro as they gain further flight time with MTSU student instructors. The Murfreesboro City Council improved its first increase in over two-decades.

Rutherford County Emergency Medical Service paramedics responded to the Mapco gas station at Memorial Boulevard earlier this month for a possible overdose. Firefighters across Rutherford County will be knocking on doors this Saturday and installing smoke detectors for free. The Murfreesboro City Council is making final adjustments to the proposed budget for Fiscal Year that goes into effect July 1, , about two-weeks away. The body of Cameron Wilson was discovered alongside Seabowisha Lane. Changes in how much Murfreesboro businesses and residents pay in property taxes will come into focus at this coming Wednesday morning as the Council convenes in regular session at the Murfreesboro City Hall to review and consider the proposed FY20 Budget ordinance on 'First Reading.

The 13th Annual Middle Half Marathon is set for o'clock Saturday morning, October 12, and there is a new route this year. More trees, more beautiful homes, more dreams come true as you cross finish line! Larry Burriss takes us back in time years to when the Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

Yes the Blue Angels will perform, along with the Navy's precision parachute team the Leap Frogs, bi-planes, aerial acts and much more. Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are here, and that brings chalenges to motorists who are maneuvering Murfreesboro's construction project. Traff Engineer Ram Balachandran offers this information to make you day better. This is for today throuugh June 15 , Shortly after o'clock Saturday morning, Rutherford County Fire and Rescue Department were dispatched to an outbuilding fire with injury in Christiana. An employee took it inside, opened the package and saw what appeared to be a possible explosive device.

The new community park in the Blackman area is still on go, but when? Saint Thomas Heart has successfully completed Tennessee's first Tendyne mitral valve replacement. Geological Survey measured a 2. Main Street Murfreesboro's new season of the Saturday Marketplace opened with sunny and mild weather, vendors with a variety of fresh produce, flowers, baked good and more. As you read Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran's road report, sing any of the summer fun songs that were popular when you were growing up. This covers today through Jue 8, Rebecca Jones has been awarded for her proposal "Going Molecular - 21st Century Biology", a project which will initially involve approximately 9th grade students at Rockvale High School.

Mindful Care Adult Day Services offers supervised activities to persons with early dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It allows their caregivers to have some time for work or other activities. Those persons are usually their grown children or other relatives. Daniel Sullivan was originally taken into custody in January of after being charged with two counts of rape. At the time of his arrest, Sullivan was attending college in Murfreesboro.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol has released the names of the two men killed in a fatal crash Wednesday morning in rural Rutherford County. Juliet was the passenger. A local legend slipped quietly into heaven during the o'clock hour Thursday evening. Liz Rhea touched many in her 85 years of caring and helping others. Stephen Brett and Fr. John Sims Baker will officiate.

Interment will be in Roselawn Memorial Gardens. The freshman governor navigated a bumpy legislative path to score his most prominent policy win yet with the voucher-like proposal. The Farm Bureau Insurance office in a strip center at South Church Street had an older customer accidentally hit the accelerator, jump the curb, and slam through the building a little before AM Wednesday morning. The Rutherford County Sheriffs Office reports that this past Friday, one suspect was charged with sex trafficking of a year-old runaway. This happened outside a Smyrna hotel.

Phone if you have seen Lamar. One adult and four children were displaced from A Bell Street on Tuesday afternoon, after a cooking fire spread into a small portion of the attic area. The suspect who allegedly attacked and robbed a woman outside a Cool Springs business Tuesday morning is behind bars. Imagine owning a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. Imagine the story behind one purchased in Europe with only about 22, miles on it over 40 years ago. Andrew Lee is helping other veterans. The Memorial Day weekend ushers-in school being out, vacations and traffic.

Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran warns 'Boro motorists of areas to avoid today through June 1, USDA's announcement that 62, pounds of raw beef have been recalled this week, Ascension Saint Thomas shares some fast facts you should read before dressing that patty with condiments. Emergency responders in Rutherford County did not have a holiday over the Memorial Day weekend.

Whether you were on a boat, by a pool or on land--the windless, sultry air was mostly filled with "the sounds of sirens". A ruling issued May 22, , in the U. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee has helped clear the way for a county lawsuit against major opioid producers and distributors to move forward in state court. Citizens helped locate Tabitha Beauchamp and Alexandra Sandlin who reportedly ran away from Smyrna's Rock Springs Elementary School when it dismissed around o'clock Thursday afternoon.

A year-old man by the name of Austin Poteete has been arrested in Murfreesboro and charged with "Rape," according to a police arrest report. The half-hour between and Wednesday morning proved to be a busy one for emergency responders. Minutes after that, a construction accident in Shelton Square, a life-style community off Florence Road, resulted in a cut gas line. Mental health issues are a growing concern in our society. MTSU is diving into the issue by helping those closest to them.

Murfreesboro police officers responded to a shots fired call in the block of Sawyer Drive around Tuesday morning. Jose Francisco Giron Amaya charged with attempted homicide. Additionally, Heart survivor, seven-year-old Hadley East, daughter of Brock and Jenny East, named honoree of the evening. Bell Street. More talk about the landfill, which has a lifespan of less than 8 years now. Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland stated UPDATE : As heard last week on WGNS, there will no longer be a statute of limitations in felony child sex abuse cases if the crime took place when the victim was less than 13 years of age.

The new bill on the statute will go into effect this coming July Here's a follow-up on how Rutherford County Fire-Rescue recently added pet oxygen masks and learned animal CPR to better serve residents in this community. On Friday that knowledge was put into practice while fighting a structure fire at Bennett Street. Those hot, sunny days are here and that ingredient often makes for traffic congestion in construction areas. If you smell the Middlepoint Landfill, let them know about it. If you detect landfill odor, please contact Middlepoint Landfill at Two adult pedestrians were struck by a passing car around o'clock Friday night, while walking along Northwest Broad Street near West Clark Boulevard.

Main Street Murfreesboro's executive director has decided to move back to her Louisiana roots. Kathleen Herzog wants to return to her native southern Louisiana home. There was a fatal one-vehicle crash around Friday morning on Kings Ridge Drive, near the new Aldi grocery store and Memorial Boulevard. Police believe it was the same man who robbed another Family Dollar Store days earlier across town on Lascassas Pike. Around o'clock Wednesday night, Firefighters from Rutherford County Fire and Rescue rushed to a totally involved home on highway 99 in Eagleville.

Thursday morning provided a beautiful spring morning filled with sunshine, no wind and the temperature around Highland Avenue. An investigation by Special Agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has resulted in the arrest of a year old Eagleville woman charged with stealing from her former employer. The rough draft of the fiscal year budget for the City of Murfreesboro calls for a property tax increase, plus monthly fees for garbage pickup.

This coming Sunday is a day that will long be remembered by the congregation at Bradley Creek Baptist Church in the Lascassas community. It's their th birthday! Murfreesboro Police are seeking the public's help in locating a suspect who is believed to have been involved in taking a guitar and then pawning the instrument.

The public is encouraged to attend. This week the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released its 'Crime in Tennessee' report, which details the volume and nature of criminal across the state. A constant flow of local community leaders enjoyed the Young family's fellowship and did business networking and business card swaps.

College St. A multi agency investigation has resulted in the arrest of a man charged in connection to the murder of seven people and critical injuries to an eighth victim at two different locations in Sumner County last month. These exercises will continue the following weekend. A blend of wet and dry, this time of the year presents unique challenges to construction crews.

Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran warns Murfreesboro motorists that these "stop and go conditions" expand to roadways as well. Here are road challenges today through May 18, And all Blue Raider eyes were on former quarterback Brent Stockstill, who was among the invitees to try out for the team. Coming are new degree at MTSU, another festival has been born, a musical merger of local roots as the symphony joins Uncle Dave and much more.

It's not often that we can offer free admission to the elegant mansion. Maney Avenue. Open AM - PM. Mark your calendars for the newest of Charity Circle's historic "caroling parties," Cocktails at Copper Ridge on Thursday, June 6 from p. He had been shot inside his vehicle. This was Murfreesboro's second shooting of the morning.

Cannonsburgh Village comes alive on Friday and Saturday, July 12 and 13, This past weekend was an educational journey for one Woodbury man. Rain and public safety concerns prompted the cancellation of Saturday's JazzFest festivities on Murfreesboro's downtown square. There were 2, new MTSU alumni created with three commencement ceremonies over the weekend. Guest speakers said the True Blue grads could all plan on bright futures, but that they need to be ready to ask questions, take risks and react to the detours along the way.

A mix of rain along with periods of sunshine, that's what it's like in Middle Tennessee this time of the year. Murfreesboro Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran warns about areas for motorists to avoid in the quickly changing 'Boro atmosphere. Thursday morning's turnout at the Mid-TN Expo Center showed the power of diversity in uniting people as well as denominations. Osteoarthritis of the knee or hip is extremely painful. Robert Otto with Southern Joint Replacement Institute will be at the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce at o'clock this coming Tuesday morning to present a free "Lunch and Learn Seminar" on ways for you to reduce pain, improve mobility and your lifestyle.

It is presented each year by the Friends of Tennessee Libraries. Public safety leaders are encouraging citizens to give the gift of life during the "Battle of the Badges" American Red Cross blood drive on Friday May 3, and Wednesday May 8, The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released its annual 'Crime on Campus' publication, detailing the volume You can submit your photos between now and May 3rd at the Murfreesboro City Hall inside the rotunda at the entrance.

The mixed gender audience enjoyed dinner and conversation from channel 4's Investigative Reporter Jeremy Finley. This is one of the most productive constructive seasons--not too hot and not too cold. That's why crews are everywhere, and traffic jams are nearby. The beautiful sunny Saturday on the historic Murfreesboro square was the perfect setting for the 18th Annual Earth Day. This year's theme was "S. Longtime community newspaper columnist Dan Whittle has passed away Thursday. The popular humorist, writer, story teller and broadcaster died Thursday morning.

This free event will be held in the adult gym at the Patterson Park Community Center, Mercury Boulevard, from o'clock Friday morning, May 10th, until that afternoon. Ascension Saint Thomas nurse Stephen Vastola did not wake up on a Monday morning earlier this spring expecting to save a life on his day off work. House members voted on Monday for legislation that would scrap the twice-annual time shift - but only if Congress first passes a federal law allowing states to observe daylight saving year-round and the proposal was later adopted by the Tennessee General Assembly.

The two youth have been identified, and the property owner has made arrangements with the vandals to repaint the wall. The property owner has decided not to file charges. A shooting on Mona Road this past Saturday morning, ended with the arrest of a father and son. The meeting will focus on the fiscal year to city budget.

Police are asking for help in identifying two persons who were photographed by surveillance video vandalising the walls of a downtown law office at East College Street. This occurred on Thursday, April 11, Like the popular song said, "Some days are diamonds, some days are coal. Here's Ram's report for today through April 27, The Rutherford County Sheriffs deputy who was hit by a motorist while directing traffic at a crash scene on Friday night is now at home recovering.

While an effort to enact an abortion heartbeat bill failed last week, anti-abortion lawmakers have refocused their efforts to enact a "trigger" bill that would ban abortions in Tennessee should the Supreme Court alter or overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. For the first time in two decades the Murfreesboro City Council is considering an increase in property taxes. Tennessee, which has historically ranked among the highest states with civilian fire deaths, is now ranked No.

More than 70 friends and family members gathered recently at the Carriage Lane Inn in Murfreesboro to honor the achievements of Ernest Burgess. The Murfreesboro City Council has called a special budget meeting at o'clock this Thursday night in the council chambers at City Hall. Mayor McFarland noted, "Council must make some tough decisions this year. Around o'clock Monday afternoon, a two-vehicle crash on NW Broad Street and Northfield, in front of Krogers, brought westbound traffic to a crawl. Spring is definitely in the air, and so is that desire to be outside.

Mix that with all of the construction that's going on, and you have a recipe for traffic. Ram Balachandran looks at his computer readout and tells you where grid-lock might occur between today and April 20, Campus School celebrates its year legacy from until PM this coming Tuesday afternoon. Rutherford County Area Habitat for Humanity has broken ground on acres of land on Twin Oak Drive in Murfreesboro that will become the non-profit's first sub-division development, Legacy Pointe. Diseases that we thought were a thing of the past are returning.

Reports indicate that mumps are now in Middle Tennessee. The City of Murfreesboro is working to create more affordable homes for low-income families. Upcoming public meetings include more news about the redevelopment of Oakland Court. Those attending Saturday evening's Masquerade Bash at The Center for the Arts wore cocktail attire and many had masks. It was a packed house for the dinner, auction and dancing. The year old teen from Clarksville who escaped from the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center on Thursday afternoon is still at large. We're two-weeks away from a little walking!

Murfreesboro Police Officers responded to reports of a possible explosion that may have been caused by some type of improvised explosive device at the Vie Apartments, Wenlon Dr. The Operation Incognito campaign was developed last year to evolve Tennessee's statewide distracted driving enforcement Toot's West is nearing completion, and owner Wade Hays says their opening is in weeks. The restaurant is at Franklin Road at Rucker Lane. Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron said one idea being discussed is building a composting facility Saint Thomas West Hospital is one of centers participating in this study.

A boyfriend accused of fatally shooting his girlfriend in March of will soon head to trial. Senator Janice Bowling R-Tullahoma , co-sponsor of legislation to allow Tennesseans to receive medical cannabis under the care of a physician and pharmacist, expressed her continued support for the medical benefits it will provide. Don't let money stop you from getting a medical check-up. Ascension St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital is offering a health clinic starting at o'clock this coming Saturday morning and continuing until in the afternoon.

Spring is definitely in the air, even the smell of cut grass. Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran warns motorists where to avoid road challenges today through April 13th. Don't be surprised when you see what appears to be a mass casualty event at StoneCrest Medical Center in Smyrna. The exercise will begin around o'clock Friday morning and continue until noon. The school's education classes did well also. Here's an update on Thursday night's high speed chase in Smyrna that ended with a fiery crash on the Sam Ridley Parkway. More news on a new downtown Murfreesboro hotel and condominium facility.

Students and faculty from Middle Tennessee State University will arrive Friday in Las Vegas to celebrate alumni nominees in the 54th Academy of Country Music Awards and get behind-the-scenes instruction in the making of the national telecast. Avid Hotels is a franchise based hotel brand originally launched in by InterContinental Hotels Group. As Murfreesboro's population explodes, so does the public's support of the Beesley Animal Foundation. That was obvious at the non-profit's Thursday night patron's party and this coming Saturday's Paws and Pearls.

Metropolitan areas have 50, or more residents. Murfreesboro has lost another legend. As we continue to follow the progress of the Rockvale High School that is currently under construction on Highway 99, we now turn to football. The sugar maple tree yields autumn foliage, maple syrup and Tennessee whiskey.

Wood from the tree is chopped into planks, stacked in piles and burned to form charcoal. The Annie E. Mark's Methodist Troop A 40 Caliber round was lodged into the flooring. The bullet evidently came from the apartment below. Murfreesboro police answered a domestic call on Sunset Avenue at Sunday morning.

Officers discovered a man and a deceased woman. Rockvale High School is currently under construction and looks to soon be ready for students. Principal Steve Luker stated that new construction of homes near the school are likely The Decennial Census will begin in the United States in 1-year. All of the mayors in Rutherford County kicked-off the important planning year ahead at AM Monday morning on the steps of the historic Rutherford County courthouse on the Murfreesboro square.

A Murfreesboro resident was awaken from a nap Sunday afternoon when he heard a noise inside his Olympia Place home. He spotted a teen standing in the hallway brandishing a pistol. The teen fired three shots and fled. Police later apprehend the suspect on a bike. Identity of an armed robber accused of injuring a Dollar General store clerk Saturday is sought by a Rutherford County Sheriff's detective.

Woodfin Funeral Chapel in Charge of arrangements. This is the most beautiful time of the year. Trees in colorful full bloom, flowers and work crews catching up. Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran warns motorists of areas to avoid while traveling around the 'Boro now through April 6, The city and county are uniting and saving tax dollars with the idea of locating several services at the corner of Fortress Boulevard and Blaze Drive. Rutherford Boulevard, starting at Thursday night, April 4, April Fools Day is this coming Monday, so be ready for a month of fun activities.

Here's something unique, Rutherford County Habitat for Humanity is building a home subdivision called Legacy Pointe. The groundbreaking will be at o'clock Friday afternoon, April 5, MTSU's Department of Recording Industry is part of Billboard's annual list of America's top music business schools for the sixth year, once again joining its counterparts across the country as top producers of ready-to-work music industry pros. This person of interest is wanted in connection with an auto break-in, stealing credit card and using ATM's. Several of the graduates will be coming here.

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Spring is definitely in the air, and Rutherford County master gardeners are offering free classes and programs throughout the community over the next few weeks. Over the past month and a half, a group of burglars have been using crowbars to gain entrance into at least eight Murfreesboro businesses stealing cash, lottery tickets and cigarettes. Murfreesboro Police are on the cutting edge when it comes to investigations. The man who died Monday night in the fire that destroyed his Kirkwood Drive home was year old Jack E. There are numerous activities, events, classes, sporting events and more available to alumni and university friends during the upcoming MTSU Spring Showcase April , Surveillance video showed an unknown subject using a crowbar to break open the side door.

Home prices in Tennessee continued rising in the fourth quarter of while construction permits were down from the previous quarter, according the latest quarterly housing report from the MTSU Business and Economic Research Center. Thomas Rutherford Hospital on Monday to talk with a stabbing victim. MTSU's aerospace department and a popular national energy drink's parent company are looking for a few good paper airplane makers. One man appears to have gone on a shopping binge in the 'Boro, but Murfreesboro Police say the culprit was using someone else's credit card.

If you know this suspect, call Murfreesboro police at Senator Lamar Alexander says, "Show the rest of the world how to reduce carbon emissions -- because the rest of the world is where the carbon emissions problem has to be solved. Murfreesboro Police rushed to a Wenlon Drive apartment after receiving reports that an armed man was pounding on the door. Rutherford County is the first in Tennessee to offer tax incentives for preserving historic properties.

Shortly after o'clock Monday evening, a house fire on Kirkwood Avenue took the life of a resident. Spring is definitely here, sunny days and cool nights--plus lots of daffodils, budding trees and pollen! Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran warns of areas to avoid during this sneezing time of the year now through March 30th. Though he considers himself an introvert who grew up in a camping trailer in the middle of the desert behind a garage and experienced a tough upbringing, Civil Air Patrol Maj.

Mark Smith's extroverted side brought motivation and inspiration to an overflow Middle Tennessee State University classroom.

PHOTOS: Mug Shots Making Headlines

Results from the most recent Tennessee Consumer Outlook Survey by MTSU indicate consumers' outlook on the economy has improved modestly following a steady decline from an all-time high this time last year. With the growing popularity of protein-packed diets, farmers across Tennessee say the demand for meat is on the rise, and that trend is expected to continue. Changes in federal funding for public housing are driving redevelopment of public housing in Murfreesboro.

Mayor Shane McFarland said that the costs are all federally covered and that the idea of renovating existing government housing is too costly That study is reportedly needed before Phase 2 of the federally funded grant can begin that would enhance the sidewalk and pedestrian safety along Mercury Boulevard.

An unidentified body of a man has been located in East Tennessee. The TBI wants to know if you can identify the subjects belt, belt buckle or shirt pictured. On Wednesday evening Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Department rushed to the Kroger at Lascassas Pike around for a possible hazardous materials release. Justin White experienced the surprise of his 10 year life when he was reunited on Tuesday with his best friend, Goblin, his German shepherd. The political scene has changed dramatically from the days of Dwight Eisenhower and John F. When did media and the public get on a first-name basis with political leaders?

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee - a former 4-Her himself growing up in Williamson County - will talk to the more than 9th and 10th grade youth attending Tennessee 4-H Congress in Murfreesboro this year. One of those two lives and works in Rutherford County. Nissan's fourteenth build in Rutherford County started last week. President Sidney A. McPhee underscored MTSU's standing as a destination of choice for first-generation students and its long success in helping low-income students who meet admission standards overcome obstacles often posed by tuition and fees.

A rollercoaster from winter to spring, and this creates traffic challenges around area construction sites. Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran warns motorists of areas to avoid between today and March 23rd. Police have identified year old Carmen E. Simmons of Christiana as the woman shot in the face and killed last Wednesday night on Forrest Street.

The Problems with Changing Sex Offender Registration Acts - Nebraska Defense Attorneys

Crime Stoppers of Rutherford County offers a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who vandalized the Johnny Rebel Confederate monument Tuesday on the downtown square. The keynote address focuses on Fawn Weaver helping to reshape the history of Tennessee's official sippin' whiskey. Murfreesboro Police were called to a home on Forrest Street Wednesday night where they found a woman who had been shot in the face.

She was rushed to the ER at St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital, where the victim was pronounced deceased. The advisory is the result of fish tissue sampling at multiple stations in the summer and fall of , which indicated that in species such as smallmouth bass and largemouth bass, mercury trigger points recommended by both the Environmental Protection Agency EPA and Food and Drug Administration are being exceeded.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is planning several upcoming checkpoints in the Murfreesboro area The statue commemorating Confederate soldiers who fought in the Battle of Murfreesboro was defaced with pink paint. It is located on the northeast side of the Murfreesboro square. Still no arrest made in a case involving the murder of a woman whose body was discarded off of a Rutherford County roadway.

The changes have equaled new housing developments already in nearby Nashville, Tennessee. Some of the changes there have meant more mainstream looking houses that resulted in an increase of pride Coming up next week, a man charged with killing 32 year old Christopher Campbell will appear in a Rutherford County Courtroom.

The department statistics show that there are 8, potential job candidates for those job openings. Taxation of the newspaper is an idea that was passed into law years ago in In fact, according to an old court ruling, states like Tennessee can either tax or not tax newspapers at their discretion. But, if they tax one, the state must tax them all. Everyone's looking for signs of spring! Daffodils blooming, Bradford pear trees in full color, robins singing and yes--lawnmowers at Evergreen Cemetery. All flowers, glass trinkets, vases and other items must now be removed from burial sites at Evergreen Cemetery, corner of North Highland Avenue and Greenland Drive.

Names are being withheld at this time as this is an open and active investigation. Despite not having a major snow or ice event so far this winter, heavy rains and freezing have contributed to potholes. Gas prices in the Volunteer State continue to rise and are now at year-ago levels. Daylight Saving Time begins early at o'clock this Sunday morning March 10, When you go to bed Saturday night, set your clocks ahead one hour. The historic downtown Murfreesboro business district lost one of its leaders and supporters Thursday morning, Marion Bean passed away at his home.

MTSU is honoring a gifted sculpture professor and providing a student with financial help to earn an art degree with a new Department of Art and Design scholarship. This past Friday, Invisible Fence of Middle Tennessee donated 10 bags of animal oxygen masks and supplies to be placed on rescue vehicles. As we inch closer to springtime, Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran warns Murfreesboro motorists of potential problem areas today through March 16, Temps were in the mid 50s when re-enactors from the Stones River National Battlefield gathered in front of the Murfreesboro Medical Clinic and fired the cannon at o'clock Saturday morning to start the 8th Annual Special Kids Races.

Much of Rutherford County felt the blunt of heavy storms Saturday afternoon and evening. Possible lightning strikes at two homes, straight-line winds--utility poles were downed. Around Thursday night, Murfreesboro police responded to a report of a domestic shooting and stabbing on Crystal Bear Trail. Here is an update with Thursday night's domestic related shooting-stabbing incident on Crystal Bear Trail. Shooting victim Cory Thompson remains in critical condition at Vanderbilt.

The female who was stabbed, Chelley Olson, was treated and released a few hours after the incident. The TVA, which generates and sells electricity to providers like Murfreesboro Electric and Middle Tennessee Electric, both based in Murfreesboro, has a new leader on their board of directors. Steakhouse Five, a new high-end steakhouse concept, has leased 3,square-feet of space and will open at Fountains at Gateway in early summer, announced developer Scott Graby, president of Hearthstone Properties.

Marshals arrested Andrew Tryon of Murfreesboro in connection with a felony rape that occurred in an Atlanta suburb during the Super Bowl weekend. On Wednesday three different requests from the sheriff's office and DA to throw out "Operation Candy Crush" lawsuits were all denied by U.

At the J. Percy Priest lake that is fueled by the Stones River out of Murfreesboro and into Smyrna and Nashville, the Dam is discharging water at a rate of 11, cubic feet per second. At such a release rate, the lake flowing through the dam could fill an Olympic size swimming pool every 7 seconds. They are based at the firm's College Street office in Murfreesboro.

Tennessee Code Annotated , which governs the Boll Weevil Eradication Program, provides that a referendum authorizing assessments be held at least every 10 years. When Sheriff's Deputy Brittany Manning came to work this past Saturday, delivering a premature baby was "the last thing I thought I would be doing. Activity Directors match a volunteer with a grandparent. Volunteers spend between 20 minutes to an hour a week with their grandparent. A meeting will be held on Monday, March 18th where you can learn more. Have you seen this stolen dump truck? If you have, call the Rutherford County Sheriff at Several new appliances were stolen from new apartments on Cason Lane in Murfreesboro.

The site superintendent told authorities that a total of 13 appliances were taken in the heist. A supervisor with the Rutherford County Sheriffs Office said that extra enforcement will hopefully reduce the traffic crashes along Lascassas Highway state route 96 East. Rockvale Elementary School students just don't understand why someone would steal their archery targets. This is the sixth annual concert series and dinner. For information, phone There are only PM Saturday matinees on March 9 and 16, Classes will resume Monday, March Tennessee gas prices are rising.

We're in the interim season, where one week it's spring and then back to winter. Murfreesboro Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran warns where "flip-flop" traffic challenges might occur today through March 9, The Middle Tennessee State University undergraduate students' research topics ranged from kudzu to ginseng to volcanoes and more.

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Victoria's Secrets and JC Penny announced they will reduce their number of stores. A list of closing locations has not yet been announced. Let WGNS know who has made a difference in your day. The old slogan "Rain, sleet or snow--nothing stops the post office" certainly proved true when Smyrna Postal Carrier Edgar Prosper came across a patron in distress. In fact, he is credited with saving a life. Tennessee will be among eight states in a new project to expand and update a national broadband map. A bill banning most abortions once a heartbeat is detected has cleared a key hurdle in the Tennessee Legislature.

Several Tennessee lawmakers are pushing to increase the minimum age to buy tobacco or vaping products from 18 to Kelsey and Rep. Farmer last year, made this program possible. Saint Thomas Rutherford hosted a topping out ceremony to celebrate construction of the highest point of its vertical expansion at their Medical Center Parkway campus. Are you looking for the perfect photo backdrop for an upcoming wedding? Tennessee is home to several farm venues that offer gorgeous views with barns, The father accused of taking the child has been caught. And then there were three.

Rutherford County Sheriffs Office spokesperson Lisa Marchesoni reports that only three roads remain closed due to the high water conditions from the previous weekend. Executive Director Kathleen Herzog noted this was the group's 34th year. The local Main Street program was one of the five first to be established in Tennessee.

Making a Murderer's Steven Avery's prison fiancée reveals they split | Daily Mail Online

Murfreesboro Police went to Southeast Broad Street around last Friday night in regards to a personwho was trying to pawn goods that were possibly stolen. With the torrential rain over the past weekend, you would have thought illegal activities would have been down. Driving on revoked, DUI, using marijuana while driving--no the rain didn't slow these actions. Eight teams -- four middle schools and four high schools -- have received invitations to compete in the State Science Olympiad in April after strong showings at the recent 24th Regional Science Olympiad at MTSU Saturday.

February's heavy rainfall in Middle Tennessee, the wettest on record for the month dating back to according to the National Weather Service, was an extraordinary event due to accumulative rain over several days. Gas prices in Tennessee have increased the past 13 consecutive days for an average total of 15 cents per gallon.

That again give Murfreesboro the lowest gas prices in the state. At approximately Monday morning, Murfreesboro police received a call about an unidentified male attempting to break into vehicles at a business on Medical Center Parkway. We've been told that hats are optional. It's amazing what a few days without rain will do.

Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Department crews were dispatched to a commercial fire at Vaughn Street just before Monday afternoon. The local chapter has operated three shelters. David Banner will speak at 7 p. Thursday, Feb. A mix of high water, winds and cold temps create some unique driving challenges. A Murfreesboro motorist ignored the "high water" warning signs on Sulphur Springs Road around o'clock Saturday morning. Rutherford County Fire and Rescue teams rushed to the scene and saved the day.

The Rutherford County Sheriffs Office has updated the roads that are closed as a result of "high water". This information is updated regularly. The continued rain is causing Murfreesboro officials to close several roads within the city limits. On June 12, at 1 p. A stranger accused of abducting and fatally shooting a Rutherford County a year old Murfreesboro woman February 27, was indicted on murder charges. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced a new investment in school safety to better protect teachers and students and prepare against the threat of violence. This legislative package includes eleven different initiatives that will all reshape healthcare in Tennessee through Consumerism, increasing Access, improving Rural health systems, and Empowering patients to ensure individuals and families to make all medical decisions, instead of insurance companies or the government.

The original courthouse was built in A new, larger courthouse was then constructed in In the bell tower and clock were built. Planning a wedding for this Spring or maybe even this summer? In Murfreesboro, there are lots of options for wedding venues. The victim of the fatal shooting at Summerlake Apartments Friday night has been identified as a year old Tennesse gas prices rose 5 cents last week, and drivers should see additional increases this week. A stolen vehicle from Murfreesboro led Hendersonville Police to arrest five persons believed to be connected with a several crimes, including stolen autos and burglarizing others.

Looney will be released from prison when he is years old. Newcomers to the area are amazed at the variety of weather, but when you're walking the winter-spring line--it's not unusual to enjoy all 4 seasons in a one-week time span. Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran warns 'Boro motorists of potential trouble spots now through February 23, A new slate of officers and executive committee sworn-in at the historic Rutherford County Charity Circle.

Summer camps are closer than you think. Nearby Lebanon, TN continues to work on their Gasification Initiative while Rutherford County looks for solutions on what to do the Middle Point Landfill that is nearing the end of its lifespan. The "Human Life Protection Act" is going to get a lot of attention in the halls of the state legislature. A Tennessee lawmaker has introduced a bill to observe daylight saving time year-round in the Volunteer State.

Pregnant women whose babies are born addicted to drugs could face charges if a bill filed by two Tennessee lawmakers is passed. Gas prices in Tennessee are inching lower again, after rising 2 cents last week. Blackman cheerleaders did it again In observance of 'Presidents' Day,' all City of Murfreesboro offices, recreational facilities and senior services at St.

A Tennessee lawmaker has introduced a bill that would hit robocallers with major fines if caught spoofing local phone numbers. A two-car fender-bender, thought to have included a medical emergency, occurred around o'clock Monday afternoon off the Medical Center Parkway. Former Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold may be released a year early, not as a "political pardon" but for "good behavior".

He might be in a Tennesse halfway house by this coming May. Middle Tennessee State University students and faculty connected with Southern California alumni and recording industry executives are in LA getting "hands on experience" with this weekend's 61st annual Grammy Awards. Congratulations to Alexandra Andueza. Tennessee allows you to celebrate all 4 seasons in one week.

Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran helps Murfreesboro motorists avoid the ever changing trouble spots created by those changing conditions. Here is Ram's report for today through February 16th. After more than years of service to this community, Clyde Adkison retired Friday from the Murfreesboro Police Department. Did you realize there was a museum of natural history in Murfreesboro? They're getting getting ready to celebrate the 7th birthday of the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Despite a brisk wind and temps around 30, the Murfreesboro Art Crawl had a decent turnout.

There was not much tarrying around the square, but quick jaunts from place to place. Do NOT travel roads that have water flowing ove them. In November , law enforcement officers began investigating a series of overdoses that occurred across the Middle Tennessee area involving fentanyl-laced heroin. It's at Goodwill, S. Upon their arrival, a man was located on the floor of room His K-9 partner, Juice, also retired after 8-years of service. Bill Lee says he supports banning abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, as early as six weeks into pregnancy.

Rutherford County Fire Rescue's free "hands only CPR" classes are so popular that according to the county's website, the first four of the seven classes are full. The gas price roller coaster continues, with the cost of petro dropping 2. An accident in Smyrna on Sunday night around 10 left a mother dead and her two sons seriously injured.

Are you in a toxic relationship? You are if you use tobacco products. The Tennessee Department of Health joins partners across the state At that time, the old fire hall on Jones Boulevard, became a memory. Years ago, Scott Austin's parents disrupted his summer fun to take him to Murfreesboro. By his own admission, he didn't appreciate it. Today, he appreciates it a great deal. Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran is always looking out for Murfreesboro motorists. Here are Ram's areas that might have congestion issues today through February 9, A joint operation involving Special Agents with the Drug Investigation Division of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and local authorities has resulted in the arrest of an Old Hickory man on drug-related charges involving heroin and fentanyl.

There was a multi-vehicle crash on Thompson Lane around o'clock Saturday night in front of Siegel Elementary School.

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  4. Wilbur the Pig has passed away as a result of cancer. The news from John L. Batey at Batey Farms in the Blackman community. Neighborhood Watch programs allow for communities to band together in an effort to fight crime and keep it off of local streets. Local creatives are collaborating on a one-night multigenre show celebrating the "heart breakers, breath takers, and fate makers" of our lives. In fact, there was a lengthy waiting list for tickets. This is part of a roadway extension from Vanderbilt's facility being built on Garrison Drive. When paramedics and authorities arrived they found a 37 year old man who was believed to have overdosed on Methamphetamine.


    The man was found inside his pickup truck which contained a small baggie of meth. The male and female victims said that the suspect was holding the hammer over his head while demanding money. Gas prices in Tennessee are drifting lower again, after rising 6 cents last week. There is something about a book On Monday night Greenhouse Ministries celebrated a milestone. Supporters gathered at Murfreesboro First Presbyterian Church to share memories, love and wonderful stories--and especially to thank Cliff and Jane Sharp.

    Joshua Reeves also kicked the victim multiple times. Joshua Reeves then tied the victims hands up, put a bag over her head Author Phyllis Gobbell was the guest speaker. Murfreesboro Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran says construction projects ebb and flow with the mercury. Here are potential problem spots today through February 2, Rice Blvd. At Thursday afternoon, Murfreesboro Police received word of a domestic situation in the block of Arnold Lane near Rutherford Boulevard.

    A comedian who has transformed his disability into a career is bringing his act to MTSU. Samuel J. Tuesday, Feb. No admission--it's FREE! Thompson Lane. Shortly after o'clock Thursday afternoon, a construction crew hit a gas main while digging on the roadside, across from Siegel Middle School. Middle School students were taken next door to Siegel High. At the end of the day, parents picked them up there.

    The statements showed, "A custodian walk in to find the man with his pants at his ankles and his genitals being exposed. Greenhouse Ministries will host a 20 year celebration reception this Monday night at First Presbyterian Church. Here's an update on the deceased woman found last Thursday night near the railroad tracks behind Mayday Brewery. The Red Cross has issued an emergency appeal for blood, especially type O. But AAA forecasts that prices could rise another cents this week, due to recent strength in the oil market and rising wholesale gasoline prices.

    Day at East State Street was mostly interior. The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Winter weather and traffic around construction sites could become a challenge. Traffic Engineer Ram Balachandran warns Murfreesboro motorists of possible problem areas for today through January 26, Murfreesboro City Schools is proud to announce the Teachers of the Year.

    Last month he took immediate action on a life-threatening illness of an Old Fort Golf Club patron. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam granted executive clemency to 23 current or former Tennesseans, non were for residents from Rutherford County. Aaron Treadwell will deliver the keynote address. New data released by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development showed statewide unemployment rates have held steady during the final month of Major renovations, changes and improvements at the Linebaugh Public Library will be unveiled in an open house from AM Tuesday morning, January 29, Greenhouse Ministries is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

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