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The official roster of the soldiers of the American Revolution who lived In the state of Ohio compiled by Mrs. Orville D. Luke Drury signed by 37 of America's first soldiers. Sixteen of men marched to the Lexington Concord alarm. Also listed are 11 men who went to Bunker Hill. One man was "slain in battle June 17th arms lost. A partially printed document with the date of 1 August being the company Muster Roll of Luke Drury's company.

The document measures The verso of the document bears the signatures of 37 members of the unit acknowledging receipt of their pay at Dorchester, February 9th, Sixteen of the names signed on the back are men who fought under Drury at Lexington Concord. At that time, Drury took his company of 46 men and marched to Cambridge, hounding the British on their retreat back to Boston.

Drury was a farmer and gristmill operator was born in Grafton, Mass.

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The papers traced his military career from , when he was first appointed militia captain for Grafton. His minuteman company was one of the first mustered out on the day of the Lexington alarm. Drury successfully raised his company as ordered by Joseph Warren, received his commission, and joined Patriot forces at Cambridge in the regiment of Colonel Jonathan Ward. His men fought at Bunker Hill and participated in the siege of Boston. He was subsequently commissioned a lieutenant colonel and served throughout the war. His papers indicate that toward the end of the war in his company was posted to West Point and was active in maintaining the Great Chain laid across the Hudson to hinder British traffic on the river.

Perhaps because of his military career, Drury was later accused of participating in Shay's Rebellion, for which he was arrested and imprisoned. His name was later cleared but he resigned his commission. He later became a state Representative, constable, deputy sheriff and selectman of Grafton.

He died in and is buried in Grafton. There are 37 signatures on the verso of the August sheet. Of those 37 signatures, 6 belong to men who fought under Drury's company for Col. Artemas Ward at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Those names include, Pvt.

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Joseph Plumley from Alstead, Pvt. Joseph Anthony of Alstead, Pvt. John Banks of Alstead, Pvt. Eleazer Leeland of Croydon, Cpl. Jonah Stowe of Alstead, Pvt. Ebenezer Wadsworth of Alstead. The sheet is an extensive record of a regimental company during the early siege of Boston. The muster indicates that one private, Samuel Heard who enlisted on May 7 was killed in battle June 17th "arms lost. Poor sanitation and cooking habits during his participation in the French and Indian War left Ward chronically ill in the years that followed. Slow moving and slow to react, he was without the showier qualities of leadership.

Ward was trusted and respected because of his being from a good family and a Harvard graduate. A leader of the Patriotic movement from the beginning, he helped to purge the Massachusetts Militia of all Loyalist members, thus breaking the Royal Governor's means of using it. Burnea, Ebenezer Melendy, Eb. Leland, Jonath. Manuscript Document Signed by 34 soldiers of Capt. At least 23 of the signers were Grafton, Massachusetts-area Minutemen who had responded to the Lexington-Concord Alarm on April 19 - 21, , including Fortune Burnee, of African American and Native American heritage, joined by his half-brother, Joseph Anthony, who enlisted on April 29 and died in service.

Light soiling to laid paper with folds and untrimmed margins. Fine condition with dark signatures. In full, "Recd of Capt. When word of the Lexington Alarm arrived, Drury and his men began the mile march to Cambridge. They arrived on the morning of April 20th to join a massive army of volunteers from across Massachusetts.

Drury's company was soon incorporated into a Continental Army regiment under Col. Jonathan Ward, and stationed on the lines at Dorchester. Also serving under Drury that day was Aaron Heath, who later recalled: "I fired thirty-two rounds at the red-coats. Less than a month after this document was signed, most likely some of these men also took part in the March 4, overnight seizure of Dorchester Heights - the celebrated action that forced the British to evacuate Boston.

In , seven Indian "Planters" or householders and 33 English re-divided the land at Hassanamesit to incorporate the town of Grafton.

Abigail and Andrew had three sons, before he died in August , after returning from service in the Port Royal Campaign. Little is known of him, other than his listing in town records as a "Negro. He enlisted in the army April 29, , and was reported missing July 6, , and dead December 26, At the time, he was a private in Capt. Blanchard's Company of Col. James Wesson's 9th Massachusetts Regiment. This sparse record may indicate that he was a prisoner of war. Fortune Burnee, Jr. It is thought that Burnee Sr. If so, his son Fortune Burnee, Jr. Luke Drury.

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It is as yet unknown if he is the son of Fortune Burnee, Sr. It is interesting to observe that Burnee signs this document with a mark, while Anthony is capable of signing in full full. Marriage records then show that Fortune Burnee, [Jr.

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He died in Of the estimated , men who served in the Continental Army, at least 5, were black. Most black soldiers fought in integrated units, as in Massachusetts; some states, like Rhode Island had segregated regiments, while Connecticut seems to have had both segregated and integrated. Both enslaved and free African-Americans served in the army as soldiers, laborers, and servants. In some cases, slaves were offered freedom for their services as soldiers, though others remained enslaved, fighting in place of their masters.

Many states had been reluctant to arm the black population, but had no other countermove to the British Lord Dunmore's offer of freedom to Southern black enlistees. A significant number of colonial blacks at this time were also partly of Native American ancestry. Massachusetts's eighteenth-century Indian population had two females to one male, while the majority of the imported African slave laborers were male.

Those figures, coupled with their removal to neighboring outskirts of colonial society, as well as the enslavement of many Indians in New England after King Philip's War, did much to comingle the two ethnic groups. Drury and his men served in different areas during the war, from West Point to Grafton, where his company guarded military stores. In , Drury became deeply involved in Shays' Rebellion, a tax revolt led by farmers in western Massachusetts.

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The uprising was quashed, and Drury imprisoned as "a person dangerous to the state. Drury remained active in state and local politics, serving terms as constable, deputy sheriff, tax collector, assessor, selectman, and state legislator. History of the Town of Sutton, Massachusetts from to May 12, d. July 21, m 1 Lois Haven m 2 Molley Dudley. Start planning a trip now. Thank you for fulfilling this photo request. An email has been sent to the person who requested the photo informing them that you have fulfilled their request. Drag images here or select from your computer for Corp Thomas Leland memorial.

Please note: You are asking volunteers to find and take a photo of the headstone. Please enter location or other information that may help the volunteer in fulfilling this request.

Add to your scrapbook. Your Scrapbook is currently empty. You are only allowed to leave one flower per day for any given memorial. Oops, we were unable to send the email. Try again. The email does not appear to be a valid email address. Verify and try again. Add another email. A key repository of local records. This collection includes Cuyahoga County, Ohio marriage records for the years.

Record types include: marriage license returns, marriage license applications, marriage banns, and indexes to marriage records. In Ohio enacted a statute that required birth, death, and marriage registration, a law that was generally disregarded. The first years i.

Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Marriage Records and Indexes, at Ancestryrequires payment includes digitized images of the marriage records and marriage banns; plus indexes to Cuyahoga County, Ohio Birth Returns, , includes Cleveland. Inmates locator.

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Judgment Files. Medical Records. Adoption Records. Probate Records. Death Records. Glendening A. Bach F.

TENN, X. Binder M. Nagele E. Trechslin A. Henningsen F. This search accesses National Death Records. Abbott L. Whitaker, Sacramento, CA.

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