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I am grateful for the privilege of having enjoyed his friendship for all those many years. I miss him still. De tout coeur avec vous trois et vos familles. Jacques et Madeleine. Sending condolences to the family. I would love to get in touch. So sorry for your loss, my few encounters with Ugo when I was young were memorable and he was such a great man.

Tom shared many stories about Ugo with some of his work colleagues. He was obviously someone who lived a great life, raised a great family, was loved by many and will be missed. We wish the Raglione's peace in this difficult time. I was so very sorry to hear of Lee's passing. I did get to visit her and she was resting comfortably that day. Please know I will always have a very special place in my heart for her. She was a remarkable and courageous woman. I hope the family gets a chance to treasure the memory of this fine person.

Chuck was my longtime friend, colleague and sometime co-conspirator. Chuck passed away in Mexico while on vacation with Robin. They were celebrating their 28 Anniversary. For those of you who did not know, Chuck had many health problems that he has been managing. Sometimes well and other times not well. Here is what I know about my friend Chuck.

He served in the Army during the Viet Nam era, though not in a war zone. He was an avid bowler, card and game player, had a remarkable memory for all things historic and He was a sing-along person to any song he knew, loved Musicals, adored his wife Robin and could almost always make me mad as hell and laugh in the same 5-minute window. We shared our distaste for politicians with no moral compass or commitment to a cause, He simply had no time for people and elected leaders who were not altruistic. He always stood up for the right thing, like it or not!

He was way too young, just 67 years old. Too young to be gone from all of us who loved and cared about him. We had many more card games to play, many more dinners to enjoy and many more laughs to have and plots to make for those on our joint list. Not long but well deserved, good and bad. Rest well my friend your duty here is done. Those of us who mourn will watch over your family and our friend Robin. Chuck and Robin was my next door neighbors. He mowed the lawn and enjoying life.

Maury was my grandpa, more than a year after his passing I'm just learning of this and I am just heartbroken. There is no single word that could sum up the man that was Maury, caring, funny, informative, stern, fair and Grandpa. I will always cherish the advice you gave, the love you gave and the Lawnmower you let me ride cause I was too young to drive the 56' Caddy R.

Grandpa love you always. I wish you was still here to talk to and tell you things and that you was going to be a uncle you always have a great personality and great head on should and that uhad spirit that brings me joy and happiness. So many wonderful memories of this wonderful woman. All our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. We are thinking of you all. Burt, you left this earth way to soon, yet I hope that you are in peace now that your spirit is free of your human form. Love and miss you. My condolences to the Stein family on Burt's passing.

I hope your memories bring you some comfort as you celebrate his life. I was shocked to hear about Telsa. I didn,t know she moved. She was a very special person. Totally dedicated to the family. It took an "angel" to be able to live in that household, with her aunts and grandmother, and take care of everybody in the following years. Please accept my condolences. Where can we receive comfort when we grieve? To see proof of this from your Bible ask any one of Jehovah's Witnesses to show you. Also you can see a short vedio "Is There Hope for the Dead? Sonny, as his Mother, Father, sisters and brothers knew him had a full and colorful life full of loving close family.

Always one of my closest uncles no matter how the miles separated us. My Mom would giggle like a teenager when he called. So sorry to read about the passing of Telsa. Through my many years of friendship with Freddie, and even though I may not have personally met you, I feel I know the whole family. I always admired how devoted Telsa was to Freddie I always felt good being around Telsa as she was so easy to talk to and so giving of herself.

I am certain your beautiful memories of your Mom, Grandma, great-grandma and friend will keep her alive in your heart. Stan was my brother-in-law and a good friend. He was a gentle man with a sweet spirit. He loved family gatherings, intellectual conversations and trout fishing. He loved to read. He was a man of faith and I look forward to the day when we meet again. My Condolence to you and your family, Sir! Your Dad has touched so many hearts in Revere Ct , May he truly be missed! You will truly be missed Mr. It was surely nice to have met you,one whole yr of me working in RC!

Dad I love you and you will always be in my heart. Thank you for being the best Father a Son could ever ask for. Love Chip. On behalf of my family, we extend our deepest condolences at the passing of my dad's last brother. My dad has fond memories growing up in Rochester and often mentions his brother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. John Dickinson Reeves Sr. My condolences and warm thoughts to Uncle Herb's extended family. Fond memories of that visit return often. Warmest regards to all. Alter called me one evening. I was so happy because I just read read his book.

He told me I was the epitome of everything he wanted as a child. I loved him and he was my hero. Dear Alter. Al loved coming to Patton Middle School OR because he so much enjoyed interacting with two particular teachers, one especially, who helped to develop the Holocaust unit based around study of "The Diary of Anne Frank. As you can see, the student who did this wonderful work found her inspiration in Al. This is an autographed copy and Mr. Taiblum wouldn't even take any money for it. To Mr. Taiblum's family I express my sincere condolences.

Alter Wiener A numbers man A numbered boy, But some numbers do. Chrzanow, Poland birth 8 10 Liberation 9 5 Prediction of years to live By a Soviet doctor who had looked Into death and statistics But not into the soul of this Death-defying man. Countless assistance to those in need and inspiration to live and accept. Always clothed in a suit. And in his 90th year of life Only two vices!

There is always hope. You have touched our family by spending time with us. What a generous spirit, sense of humor, and optimism for humanity. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and beautiful words. We did not know you personally but you have made a difference in our lives. We saw you leave this earth and learned of you after. Thank you Alter for changing lives and your love will go on for ever.

God bless you and your family. Our condolences to all So very sorry for your loss. I meet Alter this year and I had the joy of visiting him and sharing one of his home cooked vegan meals. Alter was the most humble, kindest, loving man I have ever known and I will miss my beautiful friend Alter very much. He was a precious! I am proud to say that Al was a friend of mine. I have known him for many years. Many years back now I went to do a video history with Al.

He invited me to lunch as did all the Survivors I interviewed and I recall being a little nervous, knowing Al was vegetarian actually vegan. I hoped I would be able to eat everything. Well, I couldn't stop eating it was so delicious. Al Wiener was a kind man, a man who connected so easily with students when he went to schools to give a talk. Al told me of a young Muslim girl who came up to him after his talk. She told Al he would probably hate her as she was a Muslim and he, a Jew. Al's response was that he would not hate her, could not hate her. You cannot be blamed for anything your ancestors did.

They hugged. Al was indeed, a mensch. Alter was a remarkable man. I first met him at my club, one of our members worked at a school he spoke at. He should serve as a teacher to all. We are stronger than we think and can survive and be thankful. He will be missed. Forever in my heart You are a true hero to me. All my love to you Alter Wiener. RIP my friend.

You did not teach us just about loving each other and those around us, but about respect, friendship, accountability, hard working ethics, and perseverance. You put life into perspective and we are all forever changed for it. Thank you for everything and for pushing me to improve my Scrabble game. I will forever have a place for you in my heart. I love you dear friend. Rest In Peace my Friend! I had the great pleasure of meeting your father at my sister's house in Portland decades ago. He was an amazing human being.

Our sincere condolences to you and your family. Al had a profound impact on me as a teacher, and on the lives of countless students at South Salem High School. I feel like I've lost a Grandfather. His work sharing his experiences during the Holocaust has been so important to building understanding across generations.

I shall miss him always. Especially that smile and the twinkle in his eyes.

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Thank you Mr. Weiner for keeping the memory of the Holocaustalive for children in our schools and for telling your story to others to insure it never happens again. I so enjoyed knowing Francine in the French conversation group on Saturday mornings and in a smaller group where we met in homes. She was a delight and although she knew French better than most of us she was generous in only helping when asked.

I have moved away now so do not attend but I treasure her friendship in the two groups. What an incredible life. Though I knew few of the details, there was never any doubt that Francine was a woman of wit, grace, curiosity, intellectual prowess and generosity, all of which she showed and shared in countless and often surprising ways. I'll miss her smile, her parade of gorgeous scarves and pins, her perfect posture and her strength. There will always be a hole on the left side of the back row of the gym, and in our hearts. Carlos Sposito. Certainly miss you guys.

Good to see your memorial online. Thank you so much. Your life such a gift you give. Blessed Be. Contact me Debbie. Love, Rachel. I remember your Dad Debbi, Love him and love you too. Thank you for being you carlo and your daughter Deborah. Miss you. Francine was my French teacher over the past several years. I so looked forward to our Monday afternoon sessions.

She was one of the most interesting people I ever knew. I never tired of her stories. I miss her very much. An interesting life in troubled times. Your mother and dad were very determined and gifted people with lots of accomplishments. We understand the feeling of loss when a parent is gone. The memories and the knowledge of having lived a good life is what we hold and keep in our hearts ,.

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Hey Mark, I can't believe it's been more than 2 yrs since we last talked. I miss the stories of your girls, the funny things that happened at school or the misadventures on vacation! I miss all the funny inflection in your voice or the expression on your face at the punch line of whatever joke you were telling! It's been too long since we last talked and I wanted to say really miss our time together making your hair look great! Forever your friend Vinnie the barber. Marie was such a class act and so sweet and warm.

We all grew up together and attended St. Phillip Neri. Oh the fun we all had together. Marie always had a smile on her face and was so kind with her words of wisdom. I am sadden to hear this news and am in the Midwest and cannot attend the services or I would be there to celebrate her life. Peace and love to such a wonderful family. I remember when Bonnie was little I loved fixing her curly hair. I would stand her up on the toilet and comb her hair she was so cute an a happy little face.

I love you Bonnie. Cousin Jeannie. Joe and I as well as children, Collin and Julie have often remembered our visit many years ago to Portland. Your Father and Mother were very gracious hosts as was your Grandmother while we were there. Your parents taking us to see the devastation at Mt. So many lovely memories we have! It is a privilege to have known Ray. A great man, who cared deeply about his family, friends,and his many employees.. We will remember the trip down to Mexico and all the other RV outting that we had with you and Jean.

YOU will be missed happy RVing. You are like a big brother to me and you gave us so many wonderful memories we will never forget. We will always remember you. My condolences to the family for the dear loss of Cheryl. May God who can bind up the wounds of the brokenhearted be a support for you during this difficult time. I wish that I could be there to honor Jerry's memory.

I am there in spirit. My brother-in-law, Ray, was a super guy! Always enjoyed his sense of humor and his larger than life smile! I will miss him but I have many wonderful stories and memories that will be treasured. Peace and prayers are wished for his family. Ray was a very fortunate man to have created such a such a wonderful life and family. Wishing the Salvi family well and our thoughts are with you all at this time. Always a smile Will be sorrily missed.

You did a beautiful job describing Ray's life. He indeed was a character that was loved by all who met him. I am so sad, yet when I think of him, I mostly smile My heart goes out to all the family. I hope you can allow your memories to bring you comfort. It was wonderful and loving for you to have him as a son. As well he was blessed to have parents and a loving family during his days here. To the family and friends, I am very sorry to here of the death of your loved one. God told Isaiah what to write as recorded at Isaiah It says: " Your dead will live.

My corpses will rise up. Awake and shout joyfully, You residents in the dust! For your dew is as the dew of the morning, And the earth will let those powerless in death come to life. In the mean time we can take comfort from the Holy Scriptures. Jehovah's Witnesses would be happy to study the Bible with you. You can make a request online or ask any one of Jehovah's Witnesses to make arrangements. To the family and friends of Maxine please accept my deepest condolences. You will be reunited with Maxine again very soon right here on a brand new Paradise Earth under Jesus Christ Kingdom rule Daniel , that he taught his followers to pray to come in the Lord's Prayer Matthew , 10 no more sickness pain or death Life Without End Revelation jw.

I met Barbara at Laurelhurst Presbyterian church and was an inspiration to me in all she did! I especially enjoyed her book reports and fellowship with her ar the monthly Circle meetings. To this day she is an inspiration to me and I look forward to that special day when we shall all worship our Lord and Savior in heaven! My favorite memory is years later running into them at the ice skating rink at Lloyd Center and her comment as she watched the skaters , with a beam on her face.

She pictured herself skating like they did one day in heaven, leaping and graceful. I am sure heaven is much greater than that for her, but I love thinking of her that way now! Love to her family and friends, and see you later, Barbara :. Duane and family, my sincerest condolences for your loss. Maxine was a delight, and we all will miss her. I still think of you! You were such an inspiration to me and everyone who knew you at the gym.

I was blessed to have gotten to know you and be in the presence of such radiant beauty. Her eloquent voice and wise commentaries about life will be greatly missed. Friedrich-Franz v. We hope that this we be of some comfort. Sincerely, Friedrich-Franz v. Pressentin, Former Chairman.

We didn't always see eye-to-eye but he was very good and passionate about what he did a former student of his I helped build some of the sets when I was in high school back in the s the good old days. Ginsberg was an onry sweet man, whom I enjoyed. I knew him for many years and even though we were not close or friends really, I will miss him. I am sure he is happy to be reunited with his wife whom he spoke greatly of.

Both were often called as expert witnesses on drug trafficking organizations, and drug dealing techniques. They were inseparable, and "the very best! So sorry to hear of Jodi's passing. She was a bright and vocal light at Unity of Beaverton as she pretty much ran the place when Ed Townley was minister back in the 's. She certainly did love to garden and her pies were legendary! God Speed on her next adventure.

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I remember our beloved RHS classmate as reserved, loving and caring toward everyone. Please know her family is in my prayers. Mike and I were so sad to here of Mike's passing. He was an exceptional individual. A good friend from the Police Bureau. One of the best on any team. Good bye to Bill and my condolences to his family and long time partner and friend Dirk. So sorry I cant make the services. Love you Billy! We Already miss her.

Cathy was the big sister to my best friend, but I looked up to her as well. It was truly a pleasure growing up with her a couple houses down. I will always remember her kindness and her smile. My sincere condolences to the entire Konick family at this difficult time. Cathy, It was a privilege and pleasure knowing you while growing up as a close neighbor. You will be remembered always and missed dearly. Cathy was that quintessential caring person who loved her family, friends, animals and our country dearly.

She was the glue who annually updated us on family milestones, made a wicked cole slaw, traveled widely and got the most out of life. I think we were all lucky to have had her in our lives, and she will be remembered for her kindness and wisdom. Cathy will be in my heart for as long as I live. Our condolences to all of you on the passing of Susan. She was so mellow and caring. Love, Eric and Susan. Susan was an incredible blessing to all of us at LifeWorks NW. She cared deeply for our mission and treated everyone with great respect.

She went out of her way to make everyone feel special. Her quiet strength, gentle spirit and great sense of humor will be greatly missed. We are so sorry for your loss. Susan was a quiet, strong force in the office, but mostly a very friendly face we could count on for help and encouragement.

We are holding the family up in prayer and wishing you peace through immense sadness. I always appreciated how Susan handled the craziness of a middle school office and actually got her work done. The last time I saw Susan was at Starbucks with a good cup of strong coffee. Please accept my sincere sympathy to her family. Susan was a a beautiful person inside and out. She was not only a colleague but a friend. She is at peace now and I am thankful for that.

Blessings to Todd and Chelse. Susan was such a great friend and colleague. She was a beautiful person inside and out and I loved her dearly. RIP and blessiings to the family.

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I am honored to call you a dear friend. You truly changed my life forever. I love and miss you. Dear Diane and Rick. My heart is heavy as I have just learned of Jared's death. I first met Jared when he and Erik were first dating, in Arkansas. Eventually, they moved west and I moved east, but we continued to cross paths and make time to catch up.

Jared was a remarkable man and, as evidenced by the many comments here, had a tremendously positive impact on the world around him. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Your in my thoughts and prayers. It was a privilege and honor to work and share so much of my life with a partner like Bill. He was a cops cop, courageous, calm and controlled under extreme circumstances. Bill was a quiet, humble, warrior with a contagious smile and a real prankster. He treated all with respect and dignity, even those at the lowest points in their lives. Bill's work ethic was unmatched, he at one point in his career was averaging 75 felony arrests a month and was awarded for his valor under fire on more than one occasion.

He had huge impact on the heroin and cocaine distribution networks in the Portland Metro area and this world is a better place because of him. Bill was like a brother and always had my back, he was a true protector, loyal, strong and intelligent. Miss You Brother, Godspeed, Dirk. He was a private and humble man,whom displayed great courage, calm and control in life and death situations and had a contagious smile and fantastic sense of humor.

Bill was like a brother to me and it was a privilege and honor to share so much of my life with this man of integrity, who had my back for so many years. The world is a better place because of Bill and his contributions. He leaves behind a family that he so loved and spoke so proudly about. A good friend, great neighbor, always a genuine smile and helping hand when needed.

Bill was an outstanding father, brother, uncle and especially a soul mate to the love of his life. He will be in a friend in our hearts forever. I have known Jan and Mel for over 60 years and I have wonderful memories of our travel and playing bridge. I, and her friends, will miss her a great deal! I just went through the obituary listings in the Pine Bluff Commercial on-line and saw your son's name in the list.

Please know that we are so sorry for your loss of a son at the young age of only We will continue to pray for your family and his husband as the first year after a death is the hardest time. Sheryl was truly the most beautiful person I was blessed to call my sister. She loved her family, fur babies and her friends with her whole heart. I know my life is richer for having known and loved her. I will always be here for Josh, Danny and Zach. I miss her everyday.

My heart is broken for you, Ted and Charlie. This isn't supposed to happen to us. Having been so close for so long this feels very personal. Even though we haven't had contact for several years the feelings don't dissipate. I still feel like mishpocha. My heart is with you and the kids. I'm so sorry to hear of Judith's passing. What lovely and kind lady. I played Mah Jongg with her for many years when I lived in Portland. Please know how much she was loved. I played MHjong with her for several years.

She was always one of my favorite people. Bless her sole. She is pain free and able to Fly. Love you Judith xo lisa. I have had several workshops with Arnie. What a great man. My deepest sympathyvtobhis family. We are so sorry to hear about Jack's passing. He had quite a life. All of you guy's are in our prayers. We are very sad to hear of her passing and have good memories of her. Our thoughts are with your family. I was in AZ in December and only heard yesterday of his death. I worked for Lattice starting in and staying for 19 year David was such a good man and always so kind to this old lady.

I think of him with much affection and may God hold him close. I am so sorry to hear of Mike's death! I was trying to reach him to refer a new client. He handled our car accident in We could not have been happier with his work. He was the greatest! I thought of him every year on his birthday and always planned to send a card. His death is a great loss to our whole community but my heart and prayers go out to the family. The loss of a son, husband, father or brother is forever felt. We know that loss firsthand. Our son died in , during our case with Mike. Mike showed much tenderness towards us.

Diane, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Jared was obviously a terrific young man. I mourn your loss. With Love, Beth. I will miss him very much. We had a family relationship. There will never be another Bob Ginsberg. He is leaving a long lasting legacy. We loved. Favorite people. Talking over the wall between our decks as we would both be barbecuing pre-dinner I, as well, as the family and friends will miss him.

Diane I am so very sorry for the lost of your son, he sounded like a remarkable person.

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God bless you. Jared was a kind, loving light in this world. My heart is broken that this wonderful teenager our time with him then gorgeous man is gone. Those who saw his sparkler young self and the lucky ones who knew Jared as the awesome man he was bound to become are suffering grief beyond comfort.

This angry world has lost a needed, loving, beautiful soul. My heartfelt sympathy.

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It was a joy to see two superlative people, Jared and Erik, in so loving and caring a relationship with each other. No two people could have been better suited for a lifetime together. Gwen and I are sad to hear of Jared's passing. Please accept our heartfelt condolence. We are all very sorry for your loss. Jared was a great kid in the neighborhood growing up in Pine Bluff.

He was so responsible Ginny trusted him to drive Mary to the high school until she turned 16! We have good memories of Jared and are praying for all of his family during this difficult time. Diane, I so remember his being in 7th grade. He was remarkable intelligent, outgoing, and brilliantly funny. His class was one of my favorite groups. I ache for you and Eric. Just know Smokey and I will keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

Jared sounds like a wonderful man who lived life to the fullest. I am so sorry for the loss of Jared. My deepest sympathy and prayers during this very sad and difficult time. Jared was a wonderful, kind and smart man who was loved by many and will be greatly missed. I have sweet memories of Jared. Our condolences to Eric, Diane, Rick and Jeff and his family. Jared, we loved your laugh and your smile and will miss you very very much.

Erik, we are so sorry for your loss You were always the brightest candle in the room. I loved being around you and being your friend. You will be missed dearly???? I am sorry for the loss of your beloved Jared. Larry and I send each of you our deepest sympathy, love and prayers. I am absolutely devastated to just be learning of David's passing.

He was such a beautiful soul, so full of love for everyone and everything. He loved his kids like no other. Rest In Peace, my friend. No more pain for such an incredibly loving man. Sylvia and I first met Sherri and her mother Esther when we moved into our house across the street from them in January of Many memories of the family over the years. Sylvia and I first met Sherri when we moved into our home across the street from Esther im January Many memories of the family. Heartbreaking to hear of the loss of Joe. Time and God's love will help to mend your broken hearts. Will miss "poking the bear" bantering back and forth with our wits.

He's not with us but definitely not forgotten. Hi Joe was my friend so sorry to hear this devastating news! So young. I met Joe at the Chinese village we have a few drinks together! Well sometime more than a few!! You will be miss my friend. And we will see you again! In Jesus Christ name. Jim and I will miss that little sparkle in your eyes when we would cross paths! You were always fun to talk to and made us laugh: especially when there were "Farm Animals" near by!

Joe your spirit will be missed. You were blessed with a kind disposition and anybody who met you could feel it. I'll miss talking sports with you my friend. I did not have the absolute pleasure of meeting Mrs. Woolf, but, by all accounts, she was as extraordinary as her daughter Nancy, who I adore. Many blessings to the family. My deepest sympathy to the whole family. While my interactions with Linda and her family were sporadic, there were some mutual friends and acquaintances and events that kept me apprised of general life milestones over the past 30 years or so.

I was glad to have known her. Linda was an intelligent, capable woman who cared about social justice and acted to promote it. She had a meaningful impact in the world in her personal circles and in her community arenas and I admired her greatly. May her memory be for a blessing. I remember Mrs. Piro as the matriarch of Monroe High School during my four years there, from '73 through ' Loving, kind, yet firm Typical Italian, like my own grandmother.

She will be missed. Aileen P. Steven, Opening the Oregonian this morning I was shocked to learn of Linda's passing. I knew you long ago when you were a new attorney at Marion County Legal Aid--you were a fantastic advocate for the underdog. I knew Linda a little in her role with the Area Agency on Aging. I remember her well. My heartfelt condolences. Thank you, Linda. Seeing Linda at Passover was always special. I also ran into her at the gym.

She was always warm and our conversations were intimate. What a loss for all all knew her. Pappy as we called him. Always wanted to tell each of us how good we where to him. He always had a warm and friendly smile. Except that one time when Bob Brockamp and I folded one of his boxes up.

He will be missed by many and was loved by all. We enjoyed being neighbors across the street. Tim and Lisa were first playmates. The household was a busy place. Jack was one of a kind. He always had a big smile on his face and showed everyone what hard work means. In memory of you papa say your name! Gone but never forgotten never forget how many times I put your keys in your boots to hear you yell my name at 2 in the morning.

We celebrate the life of Kathy and am mourning her with you in this trying time. We had 40 years of fun together, she a wonderful caring lovely person and she will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace Kathy. Our sincere sympathy to all the family. May you keep the memories of Kathy in your hearts forever. Love and prayers, Kathy and John. I am a Portland lawyer who first met Mike through his Dad Ted in , when I was thinking of moving to Portland to start my career.

Mike was a wonderful person, a terrific lawyer, and was always smiling. I will miss Mike, and I know that everyone who was fortunate to know him will share that loss. Merrill, In searching our classmates for our Highland High school reunion, we just learned of Shauna's passing. Please accept out condolences and know that we are thinking of you and your family at this time.

Dear dear Rachel and Joshua, I knew and loved your mother and was shocked to see she died in There are so many marvelous experiences we shared beginning with our AFS staff years. And I knew and loved you father too. Much love to all of you???????? Dale Miller Frehse. Jenny, or Ginger as we knew her, would always welcome me into her and Ed's home on weekends while I was serving in the Navy in Florida. We shared a lot of fun times taking the boys to the beach and she always went out of her way to cook something special while I was there. I will never forget her giggle, she could make the sun come out on a cloudy day.

I remember Marlene as a very loving mother to Jeffrey and Traci and wife to Marv. She had a special personality that said she was glad to see you. I remember her having long conversations with my mother from times when she was very young and throughout much of Marlenes life. Survived by family and friends. Joel was born in Glencoe, Minnesota on May 8, Joel served his community throughout his life beginning his career in l Downes, Alan J. Alan, a gifted, memorable teacher and an avid genealogical researcher, was a lifelong advocate for education, scientific thinking, and social justice.

He was predeceased by his Drahos, Gregory A. Preceded in death by parents, Harry and Christine. Dressely, Frank Jr. Reg of Isle, MN. Passed away October 30, Member of Local 34 for 51 years. No services will be held at this time. Durning, Katryn M. Our dear Katryn left this world too soon from a sudden heart attack on Oct. Duvall, Arndt J. Jack was a proud St. Paul native and alumnus of the University of Minnesota; undergraduate and medical school.

He was a successful clinical physician, surgeon an Ebner, John F. Born August 27, ; died October 25, Never one to cause a fuss or seek the spotlight, John died peacefully in his own home in the presence of his children, after several months of failing health. Preceded in death by the love of his Ruth Elaine Teig Edwards, 93, died on October 14, , surrounded by family. A visitation will be held from p. A funeral service will be held at a. Memorial Service pm Saturday, Nov. Visit from to pm. Ekelund, David Donald "Dave" David Ekelund, age 80, treasured partner, son, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, trusted confident and dear friend to countless family members and loved ones, passed peacefully from this life to the next on October 9th, Ellendson, Gerald "Woody" age 78 of Mpls.

Retired from Ford Motor Company after 30 years. Gerald was a huge Minnesota sports fan and the world's best grandfather. Preceded in death by father, Ro Eppen, Burton H. Burt is preceded in death by his grandson, Adam; sib Erckenbrack, Jean L. Preceded in death by husband of 50 years, James A.

Erickson, Bronwyn Age 63, of Minneapolis. Bron died on October 21st, after a long illness. Preceded in death by parents, John and Anne Erickson, and by her sister and best friend, Julie Thies. Survived by brother, Peter Erickson Cecelia and sister, Little hospice in Edina MN.

Erickson, Karin M. Erickson, Lillian M. Age 88 of Anoka, MN passed away October 21, Lillian w Ermuth, Arno L. Age Former owner of Ermuth's Bakery. Preceded in death by wife Elouise; daughter Sharon; sister Ruth Sommer. Survived by daughter Susan; many nieces and nephews. Ernt, Mary Jeanne Age 96, of St. Anthony, MN, died peacefully September 11, Preceded in death by husband, Robert W.

Ernt, son, Steven C. Ernt and brother, William Schafer. Former Dakota County engineer Services are a Fake, George E. Peter's Catholic Church, Delano. Faricy, Jr. Age 85 of Shoreview on October 19, Fedors, Ruth M. Age 90, of Mpls. Preceded in death by her parents, three brothers, two sisters, and husband George. Feiker, Edward L. Ed attended Central High School in Mpls. Ed was pr Wife, mother and grandmother.

Loving, kind, funny and devoted to her family. The brightest of lights, the sweetest of souls a timeless beauty. She is preceded in death by her grandson Brady. Ferrara, Theodore J. Firth, Jeanette Doris passed away peacefully Thursday, October 24th, at age 92, surrounded by family and experiencing the joy of having them near. Paul, Minnesota. She married Dale Fishman, Myra age 69, of Minnetonka. Flocken, Vincent J. Services: 1PM, Sat. Visit 1 hour prior at the church. Arrangements by De Family and friends are invited to a visitation at the church Folkerts, Joyce S.

Lindberg age 85 of New Hope, passed away October Ford, Kevin J. Age 60, of Burnsville, passed away October 23, Preceded in death by father, Don A. Ford and brother, Curtis A. Survived by mother, Jill J. Forslund, Gerald L. Preceded in death by his parents, Walfrid and Irene, and wife, Linda. Survived by children Kristi, Eric and Amy Jo; grandchildre Francis, Kathleen A.

Paul, formerly of Coon Rapids, passed away Monday, October 21, Kathy was preceded in death by parents, John and Margaret Francis. Francis, Laura Jean of Robbinsdale, passed away Oct. Memorial service will be Tuesday, Oct. In lieu of flowers, memorials pref Frandsen, Merle A. Age 93 of Fridley, passed away peacefully surrounded by family on November 4th, Preceded in death by brother, Harvey; parents, Marvin and Palma.

Survived by loving wife of 71 years Dolores; children, Jeannine Richard Meyer Freeberg, Isabelle F. Preceded by parents, siblings, husband Herbert , grandson Chad As Freier, Margaret L. Survived by children, Cynthia Frank Gray, Douglas Friedman, Sharon G. Age 84, of Plymouth, passed away on November 6, Preceded in death by parents, Joseph and Guita Gordon.

She was the youngest of seven children. Mary Jo was born, raised and ultimately died in Excelsior. Though she came from a small town, she Fulkerson, Mary J. Nee Huber age 79 of Excelsior, died on Oct Full notice next Sunday. She lived on a small farm with her parents, While in college, she met and married her husband James Gage, with She was born on June 5, to George and Rachel Durkee. Paul, passed away on November 2, at Ecumen in North Branch.

Virg was a kind loving wife and mother and lived a li Galvin, Janet C. Passed away on October 19, Garten, Terry L. Age 58 of Bloomington died on Oct. Survived by wife of 33 years, Cindy; and 3 children, Jeffery, Daniel, and Natalie. Mass of Christian burial a.

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  • Gatz, Ruby Ann Age 90, passed away peacefully on October 27, Ruby is survived by her brother Wilton "Bill", daughter Sharon Christensen, Gaudet, Regis F. Age 87, of Mpls. Geckler, Janice C. Robinson Age 72 of Edina. She was embraced in love by her family as she went to be with the Lord on October 12, Giesel, Jeffrey A. Gilliver, George E. Age 83 of Col. Preceded in death by brother, John. Girard, Marlys M. Glancey, Lloyd T. Paul, passed on October 24, He was preceded in death by daughter Julie Ann Kuhl.

    Gleason, Helen E. Winterfield age 98 of Nowthen. Alice was always the first to initiate a party, and we think this qualifies as such an event. Alice was preceded in death by husband, Bill; par Golinvaux, Louis A. Preceded in death by his parents; 3 sisters; 1 brother and son, Stephen. Lou grew up in Waterloo, Iowa and graduated from the University of Iowa. He worked as Goodwin, Verne S. Passed away October 19, Gordon, Dr. Richard H. Preceded in death by parents and brother, Harry Gordon, Jr. Survived by loving wife Born in England, she was the youngest of two.

    Preceded in death by her husband of 44 years, George and sister Joan. Survived by daughters Susan Greenlees and Janet Greenlees m. Greenslit Bittner , Janet M. She attended Hamline University and graduated with a teaching Greig, Curtis G. Age 76 of New Brighton passed away Oct. Preceded in death by parents, James and Viola. Gunderson, Ronald B. Age 67, of Minnetonka, died October 25, , with his wife and daughter by his side. The three of us, as always. His dry wit, elegance on the ski slopes, and unmat Guth, John W. Preceded in death by wife, Ruth; son, Craig.

    Survived by daughter, Gayle Jeff McGary. Husband of Kathleen M. Survived by his children, Anne John Bush Ha Survived by son, Richard Nancy Hall; dau Halliday, Robert G. He is preceded in death by his father, Barrie. Mike is survived by his loving wife of 30 years, Kris; daughters, Kayla fiance Nath Preceded i Hansen, Richard H. Age 89 of Brooklyn Center, passed away October 31, Hanson, Steven J.

    Age 61 of Apple Valley passed away unexpectedly Oct. Hanus, Helen J. Preceded in death by her Swedish parents, two brothers, and husband Archie. Helen was very proud of her Swedish heritage and devoted to her family. She was a longtime member of The Gillespie Hardin, Marilyn J. Age 91 of Burnsville, formerly of Bloomington passed away Friday, October 25, Preceded in death by her husband of 53 years, Jack. Harris, Samuel C. Brooklyn Center, MN. Visitation at the church PM Saturday.

    Hebrink, Dale W. Mary's Hospital on Sunday, October 27, with family by her side. She was preceded in death by her husband of more than 50 years He grew up in Kenyon, MN and graduated high Henneman, Mina J. Herreid, Richard M. Rick was born in Pittsburgh on November 21, He grew up in Roseville, Minnesota, spending summers Preceded by wife, Jean; daughter, Debbie; grandson, Caley.

    He was a veteran in the United States Navy and enjoyed fishing, hun She was a life-long member of St. Andrews Catholic Church. She loved all th Passed away surrounded by her family on October 29th. Liz was proud of her Irish heritage, loved her piano but cherished her family above all else. She is survived by her loving husband of 62 years, Dick; Hogan, Daniel T. A celebration of his life will take place Saturday, Nov. Known as Suzie, Sue, or Suzanne Holt, Alain G. Horozaniecki, Mary A.

    Age 68, of Prior Lake, Minnesota, passed away on October 23, , after a long and valiant battle with cancer. Preceded in death by her parents, Dr. Richard and Barbara Budd. Also preceded in death by her sister, Dr. Deborah Iverson Hosna, Hiroe Age 89 of Anoka, passed away peacefully on October 30, Preceded in death by her husband, Donley Hosna.

    Jeff is preceded in death by birth parents Gerald Hudy, and Shirley Hudy. Hughes, Alexander J. Alex was a graduate of Lakeville South High School class of He was attending college at College of the Desert with plans of continuing hi Rick was an avid outdoorsman. He had a big heart and enjoyed a beer at the end of the day.

    Famous Arkansans

    Huston, Orion J. Survivors include his wife of 73 years, Beverly R. Huston, daughter, DeVerille A. Huston, son, Michael O. Suzette Huston, two grandchildren, Megan R. Huston and Track Iacarella-Julie Anderson See obituary under "Anderson". Jaskowiak, Brian M. John's Univ Jefferies, Charles W. John's Catholic Church, Darwin.

    Interment in Church Cemetery. Charles William Jefferies, the Jefferson, William Oct. Preceded by wife Lora. Memorial Service Wed. Nov 6, with visitation Jensen, Jane E. Age 98 of Richfield passed away Sept. Born in Hudson, WI on March 29, Preceded in death by her husband of 52 years, Neil B. Jensen, and her cat, Missy. She will be greatly missed by her family; Michael Jo Annice Jensen, Retired employee of Shiely Concrete.

    Memorial Service am, Sat. Johnson, Clarence S. He grew up in Minneapolis an Johnson, David W. Age 73, of Robbinsdale MN passed away on October 20, He graduated from Ashland High School in He entered the Navy in for 3 years and wa November 30, October 30, Funeral Service Thursday Funeral service will be held at a. Peter, with Two more siblings would come later. He joined the N Johnson, Lorna R. Goosmann Winey 98, passed away peacefully Oct. She was a self- admitted 'tom-boy' who loved sports and the outdoors.

    As a young child she loved Johnson, Richard M. Survived by nephews James Ji He proudly served his country in the US Navy. He graduated from Montana State University. He is survive Johnson, Stephen R. Johnson, Wilbur F. Survived by his brother Wendell Janet Johnson, son Dou Jones, Douglas Lynn age 71, of Mpls. Jones, Robert "Bob" age 84, of Bloomington. Stella was born May 19, in Minneapolis. She attended Edison High School, Class of She was uni She was raised in Garvin, MN.

    Olaf Colleg Louise is survived b Kasper, LaBelle M. Age of St. Born May 17, to Emil and Matilda Beaudry. She married Arthur Kasper June 28, Kasper, Robert G. Age 84 of Coon Rapids died on October 21, surrounded by family. Preceded in death by wife, Jule. Kavaloski, Roxane 74, of Fridley Minnesota, passed away on October 21, , surrounded by her loved ones. Roxane attended Richfield High School before going on to Mankato Kay, Ellen E. Preceded in death by husband Arville; brothers, Walter and Thomas Droegemueller. Keeler, Kevin Wayne age 65, died on Oct.

    Private Burial. All are in Kenison, Richard W. Richard served in the U. Army and graduated f Kennedy, Francis J. Age 87 passed away October 22, A full obituary to follow for a Celebration of Life for Father and Son. Thank you New Brighton C Mary Catherine "Mollie" Kennedy was born August 10, in Minneapolis and died unexpectedly of natural causes on October 29, in her home on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

    Louis Park High, and St. Norbert Co Kimble, Rev. Born March 20, in Toledo, Ohio. King, Margaret M. Visitation from AM at the church, preceding M Kay was preceded in death by her loving husband of 59 years, Ken Kistler. The family membe Klingelhutz, Thomas O. Funeral Service 11 AM Fri. Ignatius Catholic Church, Annandale. Visitation will begin at 10 AM at the church. Burial p. Knapp, Sy of Maple Grove died Oct 21 at age 87 from complications of dementia. Sy was born and raised on a farm in Albany, MN, the youngest of 7 great kids.

    He earned B. Sy started as assistant City Engi Knoke, Kerry J. Age 68 of Rochester, MN died October 24, Preceded in d Knutson, Gloria C. He was preceded in death by his wife, Patricia Griffin Kojis, his brothers and sister and Pat's brother and sisters. He is survived by two daughters, Kathleen Kojis and her husband, Carl Aren Kopesky, Randy Age 65 of Lakeland Shores. Proud Husband, Father and Grandfather passed away suddenly on November 3, Visitation p. Thursday, November 7th at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, 13th St. Croix Beach. Kovach, Stephen J. Steve was born Dec.

    He graduated from Le Sueur high school, attended college and served in the Army. Kraft, William F. Age 73, of Eden Valley, passed away on October 27, Preceded in death by father, William and mother, Lucille; sister, Barbara Pudas. Kranitz, Judy M. Age 78 of N. A special thank you to North Memorial Hospice. Passed away on Nov.

    Preceded in death by her husband, Donald; brothers and sisters.

    Learn more about...

    Krob, Emily Elizabeth Haywood Age 38 of Brooklyn Park, passed away peacefully on October 29, at am, exactly one year to the day of her cancer diagnosis. Kruse, Jeffrey P. Age 54 of Richfield. Preceded in death by parents, Anthony and Dolores Kruse and brother, Michael. Survived by, brother, Jim Nancy ; niece, Kayla; sister-in-law, Jodell Kruse and other loving relatives and friends. Mass of Chr Kuglin, ElRoy E. Worked many years for Fireman's Fund and Ohio Casua Kvavik, Robert B. LaLonde, Leonard 'Chip' Age 62 of Bloomington, Minnesota a beloved husband, brother, father and Papa, passed away peacefully from pancreatic cancer on October 17, Lachner, Patrick L.

    Pat served in the Army, retiring from J. Case and EcoLab. He was an avid swimmer, fisherman and golfer. Preceded in death by his parents, Louis and Marion; sister, Larsen, Micheal A. Died peacefully in his sleep October Preceded in death by wife, Linda L. Memorial service Peace Lutheran Church, 20 Northda Preceded in death by dad, Bruce Larsen; step dad, Dennis Ditsch. She is preceded by her mother June. Survived by her father Curtis, brother Eric Suzanne , nephew Mackenzie Jensen, countless aunts, uncles, cousins, and f Preceded in death by parents, brother and sister.

    On October 21, , Barbara Pittman Lawler passed away at the age of 60, after living with the Scleroderma auto-immune disease for 28 years and battling cancer for the last two years. Visitation Mon. Lehman, Leon Age 81 of Crystal passed away Nov. Hodroff-Epstein www. Lerner, Elaine age 93, of Minnetonka, passed away on November 3, Lerner, Lorin M. She was preceded in death by her father, Earl Lerner and mother, Deanie Lerner. Levin, Jules "Julius" Age 96 of St. Louis Park. Gradu ate of U of MN with business degree in He was a successful businessman and active member an Born In St.

    Linnan, Francis "Frank" age 93 of Eagan passed away peacefully on October 25, surrounded by his family. He was in the invasion of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. He was a sales re He spent his formative years in Duluth, MN. He was diagnosed with subdural hematoma, and died peacefully, as his wife of nearly 59 years tenderly whispered goodbye. We rejoice though our hearts are br Lubbers, Lawrence "Larry" L.

    Age 61 of Orono died October 26, Wayzata Blvd. In lieu of flowers memorials preferred to Lumbar, Milton Lee age 78 of Roseville passed away October 22, Service 11 AM Wednesday, Octobe Lynch, Annette "Nettie" K. Age 60, of Plymouth, MN passed away on October 22, , due to complications with diabetes. Preceded in death by her mother, Helen Kuehn, and two infant sisters.

    Nettie was born in New Hampton, Iowa and graduated from Edina He was elected to and held the position of Wr Magnuson, Timothy Scott "Tim" Age Our beloved son, brother and life partner, Dr. Tim was born in Minneapol Maki, Myrtle E. Formerly from Ironwood Township, MI. She was born in Ironwood on March 18, to the la Malecha, Robert L. Age 98 of Northfield, passed away October 30, Preceded by wife, Mary.

    Marks, Sandra Jean Age 81, of St. Louis Park, passed away on November 2, Marofsky, Lawrence "Larry" age 74, of Plymouth, died peacefully in his home on November 1st. He is preceded in death by his parents, Henry and Hattie Marofsky. He is survived by his wife of 51 years, and lifelong love, Myrna; and the joys of his life, dau David was the middle of three sons, including Danny and Dennis, born to Dean and Irene. He will be missed by his children, Vincent Diane , Noelle Deitz, and Mathisen, Yvonne R. She was very active in the Elk River Alano and sponsored many members. Maxey, Diane M.

    Died on October 6. Simple Traditions by Bradshaw McCarthy, Bridget M. Age 54 of Bloomington full notice Sunday, Nov. Mass of Christian Burial Fri. McCarthy, Joseph W. Service Thurs, Nov. Passed away on November 4, Preceded in death by mother, Corinne. McCoy, Carol L.

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