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All of these sources let you track someone online for free. TruePeopleSearch is one of the best people search engines for finding people online. You can find a person using their cell phone or home phone, their name, or a physical address. After tracking someone down with TruePeopleSearch, there's a ton of information to sift through, like their current and past addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and possible relatives and associates. While a dedicated people finder tool like TruePeopleSearch is helpful, if the information on the person hasn't been gathered by that site, you won't find it.

Fortunately, there are also several really great search engines you can use to broaden your search. Google is a prime example of a handy resource for finding somebody for free because it scours a tremendous number of web pages and has all sorts of advanced commands you can use to narrow down your searches.

For example, while typing John Smith will give a general search for that name, putting the name in quotes and adding relevant information like where he's from or where he went to school, can help a lot. If you have the full name of the person you're looking for, you can use that to find them on Facebook. You can also find someone on Facebook using just their email address , if you have it.

3 Ways to Search and Find About Someone Using Image Easily

Typing the name of the high school, college, or company that the person you're looking for is affiliated with, can help as well. Researching someone through obituaries is another option. This method can turn out to be extremely easy and successful on your first attempt, or not.

Due to obituaries not always being posted online, finding them can prove to be difficult. However, if you do manage to find more about someone through an obituary, you can find out everything from when they passed away to when and where they were born, which family members are around, what they did for work, where they were living, and more. You can also find a person through public records.

These tools determine the IP address of the server that is hosting a website — example. The logic is that if a person has multiple websites, he could be using the same web server to host them. You can use Bing to perform a Reverse IP check for any domain or an even easier tool is spyonweb. If you get hundreds of domains in the search results, it possibly means that the person is using a shared host and thus he may not be the owner of all these domains. Some of the returned sites could belong to scrapers but you should be able to unearth some legitimate sites as well, if they are also using AdSense.

Google AdSense is only popular among content publishers but almost every website is using Google Analytics for traffic statistics. And there are online tools available that can quickly find all websites that are are connected to the same Google Analytics account. Go to ewhois.

This is the most effective option of them all though it would only work for live websites that use Analytics while standard Whois lookups can even find web domains that have only been registered but are not live yet.

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I can definitely say that there are people who have come up on that list who are not my Facebook friends, and who I have never looked up, and I recognize them from my past. Also, I have an old flame who I looked up and he was at the top of my list there, then he moved to the third one down all three starting with the letter A , and I didn't look him up again, and then he moved to the top.

Mutual friends show up first. As you type close to some name and the results are not your friends and you had never visited their profiles, then it is someone who visited you recently. I am actually almost certain it has to do with people who view your page because I was thinking about this and conducted a little experiment it's kinda confusing but bear with me.

I started off by typing every letter of the alphabet and seeing who came up on the search. So for example, I typed "A" and saw who came up. I noticed that the list of people were not necessarily in alphabetical order, but the people at the top were certainly my closest friends whose pages I visit all the time.

Then I thought maybe Facebook sets the search bar up conveniently for you to find the people you visit the most. But then I saw something strange, the girl that I just added was actually the second person in the "L" list, the first being my best friend, so that seemed odd to me. So then I started thinking that it might actually have to do with the people who visit your page.

To test the theory, I went to my "C" list, where the top two people were actually pretty much equal in terms of how many times I've visited their page and I assume they've visited mine. I went to the second person in the "C" list and clicked on their page a lot, refreshed it a few good times.

A Little History of the World Wide Web

Then I went back and searched "C" and sure enough, it was now the second friend whose page I had been refreshing who showed up first. Now here's the real kicker: I told my other friend in the "C" list, the one who used to be first when I searched "C" to go on my page a couple of times. She did. I then took a couple of minutes and searched "C" again, and guess who came up first?

That's right, the girl who had just searched my page, despite the fact that I had been looking up the other girl's page recently. Does this really prove that the Facebook search bar operates on people who have viewed your profile? Maybe, but it could also prove that I have WAY too much time on my hands. When I go on to my boyfriend's profile and type the letter C in his search bar then the first result is his ex girlfriend, whom he is not friends with on facebook, so I think it can show up the people who look at your page as he swears he's only been on her page once in the last year and a half and yet she shows up ahead of his friends pages.

If this is not the case, he'll be single soon!

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I've been watching my friends search for a while.. LOL and when I search someone who is a friend on facebook and one who is not a friend the most recent searched person moves to the top.

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I stopped looking at the one who is not a facebook friend expecting him to move down the list and he did for a while staying steady in the same spot for months then he went to the top of my list for weeks This happened many times so I finally asked him about it and he denies looking at my profile but I don't believe him. I finally figured out the Facebook search bar trick!!

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So for years there's been this rumor that the search bar is the key to finding out who views your FB. They say it's just a legend Not really!! Or if you never have, that person has looked at you!

Or they search for you frequently, or both. It also works based on interaction, for friends especially, but I have found this to work for friends who never interact with you, as well as friends of friends who have never had interaction. That's the missing link. I had someone view me They were still in position 4 down from the top.

I search for someone else, who has not viewed me, and nothing - they're still a low result. But then I search for the person who viewed me on the same day, and boom! Less than 3 hours later, they were result number one when I typed in their first or last name initials!! Incidently, this works for friends, or friends of friends, even those who only have one mutual friend in common with you! Important: don't try to cheat by partially typing their name. First initial only, for first or last names!

It does not work with the iPhone app. If you search for someone, friend or not, they will still show in your top 5 results for up to a day or so, then they rank lower and not even show in your top 3 if you don't search again. If they eventually drop in ranking, either another one of your friends with the same initials interacted with you recently, or you're the only interested party Of course, this will be difficult to track if you're stalking them and click on them several times a day, LOL! But I've found that one single search is enough to set it off.

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how to find someone on the web How to find someone on the web
how to find someone on the web How to find someone on the web
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how to find someone on the web How to find someone on the web
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How to find someone on the web

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