How do i find a po box for someone

Your request must be in writing and clearly labeled as an FOIA request. If you know the specific postal facility where the mailbox is located, mail it to the postmaster at that location. If you don't know this information, mail it to USPS headquarters at:. Managers Records Office U. You can also fax the request to Headquarters will route your request to the proper facility.

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Make sure to provide your name, mailing address and a detailed description of the information you are seeking. It can take up to 20 business days to receive a written response from USPS. There is no charge for this service.

The U. Postal Service usually will not disclose a post office box address without the permission of the owner. There are some circumstances under which it will release the information without permission, but these usually require a subpoena or court order. Based on the West Coast, Mary Jane Freeman has been writing professionally since , specializing in the topics of business and law. Freeman holds a Master of Science in public policy and management and Juris Doctor. PO Boxes offer a fixed address for mail to be delivered.

Instead, all postage is automatically redirected. By redirecting your mail you have the opportunity to continue receiving post to your new address, rather than it being delivered to the old one.


This service can be used for both homeowners and businesses. Mail redirection can also be used whether the change of address is permanent or temporary. You can apply for this redirection online or in store at Post and Packing. Just remember, mail redirection can only last for a maximum of two years.


Skip to content What is a PO Box? What is a PO Box? There are a number of reasons this can be a practical option for you and this includes: The opportunity to have a shorter address, which is easy to remember and allows you to remain anonymous An official business address for those who work from home You can collect mail whenever it is suitable Excellent security and a ID card is required to collect Mail that would normally be delivered to your home address can also be redirected to a PO Box if you wish, so everything is kept together. How does a PO Box work?

How can you get a PO Box?

Is there any preference between a street address and PO Box?

Quick delivery As PO Boxes are hosted by the post office, you can ensure quick delivery of your mail. Enhanced privacy Another reason people purchase a PO Box is to protect their privacy. Your business address is a matter of public record. I personally do not want my home address out on the internet for anyone one to find.

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I've done both. Generally when a PO Box is used for an address, the consumer assumes you are a home-based business or a one person shop. This may generate less trust. While a PO Box offers some stability in addressing, this is a convenience for you only. So if you are promoting anything via email, you must have a physical address as part of the message.

If you do decide to go with a PO Box, my recommendation is that you get the street address of the post office itself, make that your address, and add your box number like this. It will get to your box, and it looks like a street address. The government typically won't take this though on forms requiring your physical address, they know it's a post office and not your actual address. No matter how much you try to hide your home-based business, there is always a way to get your home address.

So, unless you're selling something embarrassing, it's really not an issue. Even if your business is drop-ship or service related and no business is ever conducted in person at your rented residence, you need a home occupation business license different states call this different names. Some states even forbid home occupations in any rental unit.

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So, if you're planning to move to another rental, make sure you get this part sorted before you sign a new lease and operate illegally. Andrew Chapman Publishing Entrepreneur and Author. Other than having to go check your PO box for any mail and now, some post offices have an online delivery-notification service , I've found no disadvantages after nearly two decades having one. I've never tried to fool people into thinking I have a huge business, so I doubt anyone saw my having a PO box as suspicious or unprofessional.

And being that you have a web-based business, no one's really expecting a physical address anyhow. The only exception would be if your business is in the realm of those that are sometimes scams. For example, if you're claiming to make millions of dollars a year, I'm suspicious if you only list a PO box.

How do i find a po box for someone
How do i find a po box for someone
How do i find a po box for someone
How do i find a po box for someone
How do i find a po box for someone
How do i find a po box for someone
How do i find a po box for someone
How do i find a po box for someone
How do i find a po box for someone

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