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On Wednesday, November 21 st , at approximately pm Ripley County Communications received a report of a single vehicle accident with injuries located east of New Marion on County Road S. When Deputy Steve Sullivan arrived on scene, he found a Mitsubishi Montero Sport in a field on the south side of the roadway. The driver, a 17 year-old female, had sustained a severe head and arm injury. Rebecca Bornstein, the front seat passenger, was ejected and lying on the ground next to the SUV complaining of back pain.

Sergio Poitan, a backseat passenger received a small cut above his left eye.

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A third back seat passenger, a 2 year old boy, who was secured in a child safety seat, received a small cut to his left wrist. An eye witness to the crash called A witness account and evidence at the scene suggests the vehicle ran off the roadway and then over corrected to the left and came back onto the roadway, where the driver over corrected back to the right causing the vehicle to run off the roadway and into the ditch on the south side of the roadway.

The SUV struck the ditch and rolled onto its side where it slid on its side until it struck the embankment causing the SUV to flip and land back onto its wheels. Pointan, the rear passenger, told officers every one in the vehicle was wearing seat belts. Bornstein was also flown by air-method to UC Medical Center in critical condition. Rescue 30 took Drake to Kings Daughter Hospital for injuries he received in the crash. Poitan refused Medical treatment. The crash is still under investigation. During this investigation the remains of a second meth lab were located on the property located at North Spades Road.

Subsequently, Mary Hayes, 34, Milan, was arrested at the time, and incarcerated. Hayes has now been charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty. On October 25, at approximately pm, Ripley County Communications received a report of a month-old child struck by a pick-up truck in front of the address of W. Hopewell road Holton.

Officers were told Adrik was playing in the yard with his older sister and brother before the accident.

It is unclear at this time why the child was in the roadway. Phillips said he had been texting before the accident. Phillips said he looked down to set his cell phone down, when he hit something in the roadway. Phillips said he thought he had struck an animal, and turned around to see what he had hit. When Phillips returned, he realized he had struck a child. Phillips was very distraught, but cooperated with investigators completely. Officers do not believe alcohol or drugs were a factor in the accident.

Once the investigation is near completion, information will be forwarded to the prosecutor for review. Communication devices, radios, eating, reading material, and applying make up, to name a few, are all things officers observe on the roadways that distracts drivers and leads to tragedies such as this.

There were three subjects located inside of the residence who were all arrested at the time. All subjects arrested in this investigation are innocent until proven guilty. On Saturday October 6, about PM, a woman was forced into her home by a male subject, after answering a knock at the door. The victim was in the residence alone. The victim was able to overpower the assailant and force him back out of the residence. The victim was not injured. This occurred in the area of Glasgow Street in Osgood, and investigators believe that the suspect lives or frequents in the immediate area based on facts gathered during the investigation.

The suspect was described as a 6 foot tall, lb male, with brown hair, dark complected, and very hairy arms. The night of the incident the suspect was wearing dark T-shirt and blue jeans. Investigators received a sketch of the suspect. You can click on the sketch to make it larger.

If anyone recognizes this individual please contact the Ripley County Sheriff's Office When deputies arrived on scene, they found that 27 year old Jessilyn Pickett, of Versailles, had been traveling south operating a silver Chevrolet Blazer when her vehicle ran off the right side of the roadway, striking a culvert, and overturning.

Pickett, who was ejected from the vehicle and the only occupant, was transported by rescue to Margaret Mary Community Hospital for treatment of injuries sustained in the crash.

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The accident is currently under investigation by Lt. Regina Beard, 37, Sunman, Phillip Cornelius, 36, Sunman, and Brandon Miller, 18, Sunman have been arrested and charged in connection with an alleged Meth Lab according to court records. A female juvenile who was at the residence was taken into custody as well. All three subjects were incarcerated for Conspiracy to Manufacture Methamphetamine, and the female juvenile was released to the Dept.

All the agencies then came together to execute.

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Nobody was injured and that is key. When you are dealing with these types of chemicals used to manufacture meth, they are very dangerous and prone to explosion. I am glad none of us, including the arrested, were injured. You can remain anonymous. As always, arrested person s are always presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Arriving on scene, deputies found that 72 year old Alma M. Herbert, of Bedford, Indiana had been traveling west on US 50, near County Road west, operating a blue Honda Accord, when the vehicle she was operating traveled left of center and for unknown reasons collided head on with a black Ford F truck, which was operated by 54 year old Jefferey A.

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Jones of Holton, who was traveling east on US Jefferey A. Jones, the only occupant of his vehicle, was airlifted by PHI to the University of Cincinnati Hospital for treatment of internal injuries. Alma M. Herbert, the only occupant of her vehicle, had to be extricated, and was transported by ground ambulance to St.

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Vincent Jennings Hospital where she died as a result of her injuries. O n Wed. September 5, , the Sheriff and his deputies, along with the U. Out of the 62 offenders registered, 47 are active and were checked on. All 47 offenders were compliant during the sweep. Several miscellaneous warrants were attempted during the sweep, but addresses were either not current, or the wanted person was not at home.

The Office, under my administration, is more dedicated to keeping up with the registry than before. And with the dedication and support of Chief Deputy Prosecutor Ryan King, who handles almost all the sex offender violations, we can pursue those who violate and hold them accountable. We need to protect our children the best we can. If you need to contact the Sheriff's Office, they can be reached at Additionally, citizens can go to www. Offenderwatch powers this site.

Smith Jr. Greer, of Dillsboro, had been piloting a single engine ultra light aircraft when the engine stalled forcing Greer to make an emergency landing in a soybean field. Greer, who was not injured in the incident, was the only occupant of the aircraft, and was able to land safely with no damage to the glider. On arrival, Deputy Smith discovered an audible alarm going off and that someone had broken the front door glass to the business.

Pursuant to the investigation into the incident, Deputy Smith received information that year-old Derek C. Craft, of Osgood, was observed in the area. Deputy Smith followed up on the lead, resulting in the arrest of Craft for the break in. Craft was then incarcerated at the Ripley County Jail pending a hearing. August 29, Two people are lucky to be alive after a vehicle ran off the roadway and ended up on their front porch. Floyd and Mary Hunter, who live at W.

Mary called at about pm and told Ripley County Communications the white passenger car had left and headed west on Washington Street. The driver, later identified as Michael L. The incident is still under investigation by Deputy Dickerson of the Sheriff's Office, and if you have any supporting information, you are encouraged to call the Sheriff's Office.

Defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. During the evening hours of August 23, Ripley County Communications received a call of an automobile accident on I eastbound near the mile marker. Authorities arrived on scene at approximately pm and discovered a single vehicle traveling eastbound had left the roadway and struck a guard fence in the median. Both passengers in the vehicle were treated and released on scene by Rescue According investigating officers Deputy Kendall Hankins, and Deputy Steve Sullivan the vehicle appeared to have, for unknown reasons, lost control and traveled north crossing thru the passing lane, and then into the median.

The vehicle struck a protective guard fence head-on before coming to rest near an emergency turn-a-round. Both driver and passenger were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash. Horsnby was flown by PHI to University of Cincinnati with serious injuries he sustained in the crash. His condition is unknown at this time. Once on scene, it was discovered that two vehicles had collided, off center head on.

Amy S Feller was transported by air to University of Cincinnati. Jennifer Asche refused medical treatment at the scene. The accident is currently under investigation by Cpl. Injury updates are not available at this time, however you can contact the media rep at UC for further.

Information from the investigation so far has revealed Christina Foster, 38, Sunman, was in the roadway when Scottie Taulbee, 54, Dillsboro, was northbound driving a Toyota passenger car when he struck her. The Ripley County Coroner pronounced Foster dead at the scene. SR between SR and SR 48 was closed for approximately 3 hours while investigators worked the scene.

It is unknown at this time why Foster was near the middle of a heavily traveled highway at that time in the morning. The driver has not been cited in the crash at this time. If you have any information regarding this investigation, you are urged to contact RCSO at August 10, Several arrests have been made in an extensive drug investigation. The Indiana State Police Methamphetamine Suppression Team was contacted to dispose of the harmful ingredients used to manufacture methamphetamine.

Subjects arrested throughout this investigation are as follows:. Charges against these individuals range from Manufacturing Methamphetamine to Dealing in Methamphetamine. All defendants involved are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. As a result of the investigation, year-old Chad M. Sheriff Tom Grills noted, "The only we are going to work towards keeping our communities safer is to have complete support from citizens in reporting these types of behaviors and suspicious activity, including testimony.

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When agencies continue to work together, along with citizens, good things will happen. I commend my officers, as well as the Dearborn County Sheriff's Office, for their efforts and dedication to stop drug activity. The Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The initial investigation showed the Ford Expedition had been traveling eastbound on County Road South and had came over a hill at a high rate of speed, and nose dived into the pavement on the other side, then veered off the roadway through a fence into a pasture.

The vehicle then rolled once before striking a wooden shed. The vehicle rolled again going thru the fence again before coming to rest on an embankment. The driver, identified as 18 year-old Ethan Lawburgh of Holton, told investigating officers that he was traveling at approximately 60 mph coming over a hill and lost control of the vehicle. Lawburgh who was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash was ejected from the vehicle. Moore was flown by PHI 5 to UC Medical Center for treatment of a broken collar bone and other non life threatening injuries she sustained in the crash.

Lawburgh who was complaining of chest and shoulder pain was flown by Air-Care to UC Medical Center to be treated for his injuries he sustained in the accident. Nothing further at this time, and occupant's current injury status is not available at this time. Connor taking a position regarding custody contrary to mine. I simply tried to hold Dr. Connor accountable for lying about not being able to release the case file.

I did not know that it was considered an irrational attack to question the credibility of a witness in court. Why did Judge Humphrey feel that it was bad to question his expert? It probably had something to do with the fact Judge Humphrey appointed Dr. Connor as a licensed psychologist in civil and criminal cases when Dr. Connor was not licensed by the state of Indiana. The criminal activity would include all of Dr. Since Dr.

Judge Humphrey accused me of trying to intimidate the Court staff. From a logical standpoint, it would be impossible for the Judge to know if I tried to intimidate his staff without me testifying to trying to do that. It would be impossible for Judge Humphrey to know if his staff was being intimidated unless he was conducting his own investigation outside of the courtroom which is a violation of the Indiana Judicial Code of Conduct. I asked, begged, and pleaded for a copy of Dr.

In a letter dated February 25, Dr. Connor wrote:. Connor really talked to Judge Taul. The Indiana Judical Canon states:. Connor was to subpoena Judge Taul to testify. That feeling went away in less than a minute when I read the whole motion. The arguments the Attorney General made did not fit the circumstances. Giving a judge cash to testify is a pretty sketchy situation. The argument of the Attorney General may have some bearing if there was a record of the ex parte communication between Judge Taul and Dr. I did not violated the Judicial Code of Conduct. It was Judge Carl H Taul that decided to talk to his unlicensed expert outside the presence of the parties.

The only record of the conversation was by Dr. This is why judges are prohibited from having casual conversations with potential witnesses. I filed a response to the motion filed by the Attorney General making the above argument but Judge Humphrey quashed the subpoena of Judge Taul. I filed a motion to reconsider, citing the following opinion from the Delaware Supreme Court:.

Greendale Cemetery in Greendale, Indiana - Find A Grave Cemetery

Junker, Wash. See, e. Montgomery, Ill. Judge Humphrey denied my motion to reconsider. I have been trying to obtain a copy of Dr. Connor, there would be no way to determine if the conversation took place or if Judge Taul agreed with Dr. The idea of a non-party contacting the court directly to modify the terms of an order is troubling in itself.

Judge Humphrey considered my attempt to subpoena Judge Taul as some kind of personal vendetta when I was only trying to find out the content of Judge Taul and Dr. Judge Humphrey took it upon himself to protect Judge Taul as well as Dr. Judge James D Humphrey was mad because I brought the world into his little courtroom. The biggest fish in the pond is only the biggest until the dam breaks and he washes down to the stream. Then he may have to contend with the big fish in the stream, the river, and the ocean.

I filed motions to compel Dr. Connor to release his case file.

dearborn county indiana arrest records 2008 Dearborn county indiana arrest records 2008
dearborn county indiana arrest records 2008 Dearborn county indiana arrest records 2008
dearborn county indiana arrest records 2008 Dearborn county indiana arrest records 2008
dearborn county indiana arrest records 2008 Dearborn county indiana arrest records 2008
dearborn county indiana arrest records 2008 Dearborn county indiana arrest records 2008
dearborn county indiana arrest records 2008 Dearborn county indiana arrest records 2008
dearborn county indiana arrest records 2008 Dearborn county indiana arrest records 2008
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