Cops strip search woman who called them for help

How is it possible that a middle-aged female lawyer like myself dares to attack a much younger and stronger police officer inside a police station? My reasoning was met with mockery and cursing. What scared me was that a middle-aged man who claimed to be a public lawyer also accused me of attacking the police and shouted curses at me. In retrospect, I realized that they must have prepared every detail of this plot, including the legal ramifications, waiting for me to jump into the trap!

Police officer Chen confiscated all of my belongings, including my mobile phone, and ordered me to undress, on the grounds that I might be hiding a weapon.

Dashcam Video of Invasive Vaginal Search on Black Woman Amounts to ‘Rape by a Cop,’ Attorney Says

What a joke! I completely collapsed! All I could think of was the name of Lei Yang. In a police station full of surveillance cameras, they can frame a lawyer in broad daylight, what will they not dare to do? My child is still young. If I resisted with all my might, would I become another Lei Yang?

Lawsuit: Cops subjected woman to minute body cavity search during traffic stop - CBS News

Lei Yang was detained by mistake, but I fell into their trap voluntarily. I can only endure this humiliation in sorrow!

Prison Strip Search is Sexually Abusive

In a corner of the case-handling area, the two policemen pulled up a small curtain, symbolically separating me from the officers who handled the case. I stood facing the wall. The middle-aged policewoman in the reception walked in. She shouted and ordered me to strip until I was naked.

After a policeman said something, she appeared satisfied and allowed me to squat down on the floor. I could feel that there were many eyes looking at me. I begged in tears for several minutes before being allowed to put on my clothes. The whole process of stripping and being naked lasted for about twenty minutes, but it felt like a lifetime to me!

The moment I put all my clothes back on, I felt that I had aged a lot! Subsequently, I was photographed, fingerprinted and forced to undergo a urinary drug tets. I followed their orders with a blank mind, as the fear had completely suppressed the anger. I knew I was in hell!

Texas Cops Spent 11 Minutes Searching a Woman's Vagina, Found No Drugs

It was only later that I learned that all this was merely a prelude to criminal detention and sentence. Four policemen took me to the interrogation room and took turns to question me. There were two rounds of interrogations, which lasted for a total of six hours. In the first round of interrogation, I stated again that I had been framed and asked for surveillance video. However, the two policemen told me coldly that they had seen the video and there was enough evidence to detain me.

I realized that there was no doubt this was a conspiracy. At that moment, I felt a deep remorse: I have so many things to do, why do I have to represent petitioners who are hated by the authorities! In the first round of interrogation, the two policemen ruthlessly claimed that I had assaulted the police.

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  • Lawsuit: Cops subjected woman to minute body cavity search during traffic stop - CBS News.
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I denied this, of course, and I asked them to show video evidence. Around 9pm, they took a break. The second round of interrogation started around 10pm. The atmosphere relaxed a little bit, and my fear subsided slightly. How is it reasonably possible that I would assault a young and strong male police officer inside a police station? This is obviously a spurious claim. I had no physical contact with him. You can check the video. I have high blood pressure and have been on medication for years. This sudden misfortune made me feel unwell.

I was afraid that I might die. I told myself to remain calm. The most important thing is to be alive! During the break, I asked the police to monitor my blood pressure to avoid any accident. Of course, my request was rudely rejected. My colleagues from the law firm were waiting for me outside. Direkt in den deutschen Mittelstand investieren und feste Zinsen erhalten. Der Artikel wurde versandt. Jeremy Berke , Business Insider. Samuel Cammack A Texas woman is suing police after she was subjected to a roadside strip-search for marijuana following a traffic stop.

Mehr: Arrest Police Marijuana Cannabis. Jeremy Berke. In some cases, intimate samples may be requested, such as blood or semen. These require your written consent plus the consent of the Inspector on duty at the police station before they can be taken. This means your freedom will be restricted in some way. For example, a curfew may be imposed on you if your offence was committed at night. If you are found guilty, the time spent in prison before trial will be deducted from your sentence.

Our hate crime casework service can give you advice, support and help if you experience homophobia, transphobia or biphobia. Click for more. Domestic abuse is any kind of threatening behaviour, violence, or abuse between people who have been intimate partners or family members. Exit Site.

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Cops strip search woman who called them for help
Cops strip search woman who called them for help
Cops strip search woman who called them for help
Cops strip search woman who called them for help
Cops strip search woman who called them for help
Cops strip search woman who called them for help
Cops strip search woman who called them for help

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