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The majority of his writings, both poetry and prose, fall within the horror genre. He is sometimes credited with inventing modern detective fiction with his short story " The Murders in the Rue Morgue ". Although he used their name, Poe was never formally adopted by the Allan family. Poe attended the University of Virginia for one semester, leaving due to a lack of money, and was unsuccessful in officer cadet training at West Point. Poe's first volume of poetry Tamerlane and Other Poems was published anonymously in Poe was the first American to try to live exclusively from his writings.

He wrote for several magazines and literary journals, his work took him to Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City. On October 3, , Poe was found on the streets of Baltimore, delirious and wearing clothes that were not his own. Full text reprinted in facsimile by Burton R. Redfield, , vol 1, pp.

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Reprinted in Carlson, Eric W. III, November 10, , pp. I, October , pp. This article was simultaneously published as the next item.

5 Facts About Edgar Allan Poe, a Literary Master of the Macabre

Although dated for October, this issue would probably have been available by mid-September, following the usual practice and allowing for delivery by the date of publication. Redfield, , vol III, pp. This is the infamous memoir that is chiefly responsible for most of the Poe myth as an irredeemable alcoholic and a person with an inherently immoral nature.

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  5. Volumes I and II were published about the end of , with notices by N. Willis and J. In , after the initial stock of these books had been sold, the three volumes were reprinted as a set, with the memoir moved to volume 1. The memoir includes a number of letters written by Poe, but significantly altered by Griswold to serve his own purposes. Excerpts of the memoir are reprinted in Carlson, Eric W. Hall, , pp. Reprinted by T.

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    Mabbott, ed. VII, pp. Ingram, John H. Poe , New York: W. Widdleton, , pp. He was also determined that Poe was born on February 19 rather than January 19, an error he continued to argue long after it was clear that he was simply wrong. King, , II, pp. Widdleton, Fifth edition.

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    Revised in one volume , London: W. Allen Co.

    Edgar Allan Poe

    Reprinted in [2nd edition], , [4th printing], , , , , and Reprinted by Chelsea House Publishers, and Harrison, James A. Crowell, Originally printed as Vol. I of Harrison, ed,. The letters are given as Vol. Both volumes are reprinted, with some minor revisions, as Life and Letters of Edgar Allan Poe , 2 vols.

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    Crowell, volume 1 and volume 2. The biography was also printed, about the same time, as a separate volume, with the title The Life of Edgar Allan Poe. Whitty is not always reliable. Winston, Doran, Reprinted, with different pagination, in one volume , New York: Farrar and Rinehart, Reprinted in London:Victor Gollancz, Reprinted again, also in one volume, Somewhat romanticized but very readable biography, which resulted from the research Allen did with the original intention of writing a novel.

    There are small revisions between the various editions, at least the first three printings. Appleton-Century, Reprinted, , by the same publisher, and with some minor corrections, although there is no overt indication of these changes.

    Reprinted by New York: Cooper Square, Still the best overall biography of Poe. Thomas, Dwight and Jackson, David K. Hall and Co. Although not strictly a biography, it provides essential biographical material arranged in a chronological sequence.

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    It is an indispensable resource for Poe devotees. Silverman, Kenneth, Edgar A. Well-written and researched, but weakened terribly by a strong and inexplicable bias against its subject. Problems are greatly exacerbated by the style chosen for supporting references in end notes, a style that is virtually unuseable and generally guarantees that a reader will not pursue the meager clues provided. Mankowitz, Wolf, The Extraordinary Mr.

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    Poe , New York: Summit Books, Outside of some nice illustrations, this biography of Poe is utterly worthless. Avoid it at all costs.

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