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Soros experienced the growing persecution of Hungarian Jews during the Nazi occupation. He aided his father in forging thousands of documents to help his countrymen flee Hungary during the Holocaust. The family regularly went into periods of hiding, sometimes separately. By , Soros enrolled in the London School of Economics. His mentor, Karl Popper, was a philosopher who coined the term "open society," which was the opposite of the dictatorships that he had lived through and loathed.

His philanthropic and philosophical views were molded during this time. Soros worked at a number of Wall Street firms as a trader and analyst. Bleichroeder in His success led to him launch a second fund called the Double Eagle Fund in Structured as a hedge fund, it was renamed the Soros Fund and eventually became the Quantum Fund in Soros could no longer be anonymous. He outsourced the day-to-day management of the Quantum fund to several different managers.

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Soros recruited Stanley Druckenmiller to manage the Quantum fund in Druckenmiller proceeded to generate a percent annual average return by Soros diversified investments with the creation of several new funds under the Quantum umbrella, including the Quantum Realty Fund in and the Quantum Industrial Holdings Fund in , which was managed by Druckenmiller.

The Quasar Fund launched in Investing Essentials. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Investopedia, you accept our. Your Money. As the writer points out, Soros is a Hungarian Jew who by a hair's breadth survived the Holocaust owing to the ingenuity of his father. An ingenuity, I should add, gained by originally surviving Russian prisoner-of-war camps during the first World War. Which is why he also managed to protect his family from the ensuing Soviet army's brutal invasion and occupation.

There's absolutely no way to construe, or even misconstrue, the facts of George Soros's life as to believe him a Nazi. The article's author attributes the accusation to a misunderstanding over father Soros's activities during the war. It won't wash.

No, the smears have a different source, the same that originally targeted George Soros as the perfect candidate for the role of globalist predator. To get the complete picture you have to think about Soros's widespread initiatives during the post-Soviet years and since all across the former Warsaw Pact zone. I know something about this as I went around Eastern Europe in the mids interviewing leaders and activists for a book that got abandoned half-way by the publisher for lacking any post congruence.

In country after country I heard the same refrain, that Soros used his money to set up foundations and funding sources to uphold the entire community of pro-democracy intellectuals, former dissidents, open-society politicians and the like. The reader might recall how those economies had tanked, mobsters ruled, and a life of ideas seemed a pernicious self-indulgence.

Do Photos Show Greta Thunberg with George Soros, ISIS, and the ‘Antifa Terrorist Organization’?

Intellectuals lost all function and prestige, especially in Russia. Throughout the region erstwhile communist bosses teamed up with mafiotic businessmen in the attempt to regain power over their countries. Soros's initiatives stood in their way. It was in Russia that the orchestrated anti-Soros campaign first surfaced, where his foundations first suffered expulsion.

Soros used his fortune to save pro-Western anti-Kremlin civil society across the Eastern Bloc from Tbilisi to the Baltic. For which, naturally, the Kremlin owed him massive payback.

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But here's the rub: Soros's mission never aimed at weakening national identities, rather the reverse. His foundations encouraged national figures to reconsolidate cultural memory before and after Russian domination.

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Remember that Sovietism was the first globalist, 'internationalist', movement. Soros opposed its lingering epiphenomena. What he does support is a strong Europe, the penetration of European values into the former Iron Curtain countries - which also incites the Kremlin's hostility.

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If you look closely at how Kremlin disinformation works, you'll notice a recurring theme. Attack your enemy's strong points.

George Soros

Invert them, use them against him through nebulous smear-campaigns. And, sadly, their methods have bled over into American discourse via the extreme right. Hence the Jewish Soros is a hidden Nazi. The Soros that helped salvage Eastern European cultures and customs presents a threat to the same. The Soros whose foundations pushed transparency and anti-corruption everywhere thus thwarting the Kremlin gets smeared as a sinister ubiquitous operator, shadowy puppetmaster sans frontier.

Fact Check: George Soros, the Thieving Nazi Sympathizer?

There's an added vileness implicit here in that the archetype being invoked carries more than a whiff of the Nazi stereotype of Jewry. Preposterously, also, the anti-Western nationalism now burgeoning from the Kremlin southwards paints Soros as the arrowhead of nefarious American power, while America Firsters reject him. You may disagree with his political slant in the US, as I largely do, all that Moveon.

background check on george soros Background check on george soros
background check on george soros Background check on george soros
background check on george soros Background check on george soros
background check on george soros Background check on george soros
background check on george soros Background check on george soros
background check on george soros Background check on george soros

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